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SpeedGauge Enabled

SpeedGauge is a driver behavior and speed-monitoring tool available through your GPS Service. Used by hundreds of thousands of vehicles around the world, SpeedGauge is much more than a standard virtual governor that alerts drivers or safety managers when a vehicle exceeds a fixed top speed setting. By comparing local posted speed limits with actual speed data from the GPS system, SpeedGauge allows fleet managers to monitor and coach drivers according to local context on all roads anywhere in the world. Beyond local posted speed limits, our system also supports custom speed limit settings and speed zones that you can set yourself.

After adding the Speed Gauge service through LiveViewGPS you will automatically be enrolled to receive automated reports to your email every morning. These reports will inform you of every time your vehicle exceeded a posted speed limit by 3 mph on streets, and 5 mph on highways or freeways. Of course this could be set to the exact posted speed limits.

You will also receive an email with a website, username, and password to login to your Speed Gauge account. This will give you the ability to see your past reports, update/add/remove email address, and change settings.

If you are interested in adding SpeedGauge to your Live Trac Devices, please contact us:

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