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Device Management. From within this section you can view a single or all devices, view devices that you have previously grouped together, as well as instantly see the status for all vehicles on screen, i.e. Stopped Vehicles, Moving Vehicles, Idling Vehicles, etc. You can also qucikly edit device information. Furthermore, you can add drivers. From the device editor panel here you can also access our vehicle/device maintenance alerts.

Device management, device editor, select devices, group devices view all device status, set up and 
edit devices, device groups, driver editor, and maintenance module.


Device management view devices


You can set up groups of vehicles and devices within your account to easily manage a large number of devices. Once the groups have been set, you can view all groups (all devices), or just selected groups.

Shows all LiveViewGPS Live Trac devices that have been grouped, you can also create groups here.

#4 - DEVICE STATUS. Check or Uncheck this box to toggle between Satellite and Map Views.

Select and view all vehicles, moving, idling, stopped or vehicles with their
ignition on or off

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