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You can set up an infinite number of Groups and Sub-Groups to easily categorize and view those specific devices from the .

all devices can be set up into groups and sub-groups

Groups can be viewed on the Live Trac map by going to: Device Management > Group > Select Your Group

You can view groups from this field

Setting Up A Group Is Easy. From the Device Group Window Select the CREATE button.

1. Name Your Group
2. Select Device(s) to Add To Your Group
3. Press The Add Device Button Once You Have Selected All Devices
4. Be Sure To Press SAVE button to save your newly created group.

Once you have set the parameters for your group be sure to press the save button

To Remove Device(s) From A Group:
1. Select The Group Where The Device Lives.

This image depicts how to remove a device from a group, by fist selecting the group the user belongs to

2. Choose Device To Remove
3. Press Remove Selected Device

Pressing the remove selected device button

You can also create sub-groups, or groups within groups. If you need help setting up groups, please contact us.

We are here to assist, if you need help, please e-mail: