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You can set alert notifications on a number of different events. To get started:

Setting Up Alert Notifications

Select Alert Notifications from the control panel menu. If this is your first time setting an alert you will need to add contacts, before setting any alerts.
1. Select Create Button
2. Add Contact's Name
3. Add Contact's Email
4. Enter Contact's Cell Phone SMS
5. Enter Contact's Cell Phone or Alternate Number
6. If This Contact is a Driver, check box here
7. Save Contact.

Create a contact before setting up alerts

Once a contact is successfully added, they will appear in the contact list. To remove a contact, simply select the contact from the list, an edit contact window appears, click the delete button to remove the contact.

Contact successfully added

The following Alert Types Can Be Set On The Live Trac System:

Ignition Alerts. Alert on Ignition Event. Ignition on/Off or both.

Panic Alerts. Alert when panic button pressed. This alert is applicable to devices that support this feature.

Geofence Alert. Create a polygonal geo-fence. This is a fence with many angles.

Power Alert. Get notified when battery power of a device reaches a set threshold.

Standard Geo-Fence Alert. Select an area of a map, to be notified when device enters/exits.

Route Alert. This is a very granular alert. Draw a route on map, if or when vehicle enters/exits route you would be notified.

Speed Alert. Notifications are sent when speed exceeds threshold you set. If you are looking for speed exceeded by posted speed limit, that is also available, please contact us for more information.

If you if you need further assistance, please e-mail: