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While you can edit devices directly from the map screen, this section will also allow you to search and edit devices. This is helpful for clients with multiple devices.

Edit GPS Tracking Devices

Clicking the DEVICES button brings up the Devices Window. This window will display device serial number, name and when it last updated. From here you can select a device to edit, simply by clicking on it.

Devices Window List All GPS trackers in your account

The Edit Device window will appear. From here you can rename the device, send commands to the device, change the icon and flag color.

You can edit an individual device by clicking on the device in the editor window

To change device name, click the Device Name field (figure 3), type in the new name, click save.

Send lock door, unlock door, honk horm

You can also send commands (figure 4) to devices capable of receiving them. Simply select the command and press the send button. It can take up to 1 minute for the device to receive the command.

Send commands to the device, lock, unlock doors, honk horn, starter disable and more

To change your devices icon (figure 5), click the icon, a list with various different icons will appear, select on the icon you wish to use, than click the save button to save your changes.

How to change a device icon

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