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Below Are Descriptions of the available Reports

Aggressive Driving Report

The aggressive driving report measures and reports velocity changes of 35 mph or greater. Speed 1 is the reported speed we received prior to the event trigger (either acceleration or deceleration). Speed 2 shows the MPH change after Speed 1. To view the actual address of the event, click the lat/long coordinates once at right of report table, the address will than be displayed. Click the address to view the event location on a Google Map page.

Device Mileage By State

Select Device(s) and start/end time and date. This report breaks down mileage by state for the time period selected. Report shows vehicle id, state(s) and TOTAL miles traveled within each state.

Device Mileage Report

Select Device(s), start/end time and date. This report shows mileage for each device in your account and miles traveled for the day(s) selected.

Device Operations Report

Select Device(s), start/end time and date. This report gives you idle %, actual idle time, drive time and operating time. It also reports maximum mph and average mph.

Excessive Idling Report

Select a start/end time and date, and idle period in time based on seconds, minutes or hours. i.e. 5 minutes, 2 hours, 8 seconds, etc. Report lists the idle start time, duration and location. Click location to see actual address or view on Google map.

Master Listing Report

Select Devices(s), start/end time and date. The master listing report shows all update data collected by the system. Device name, time of update, mph, heading, satellite count, switches, ignition status, lat/long, address. This report can be quite large.

PTO Sensor

Select Device(s), start/end time and date. The report will show switch on time, switch off time, duration, switch id, and initial location of switch on.

Speed Alert Report

Select Device(s), start/end time and date. The speed alert report shows all Speed Alerts that have been triggered. In order for this report to show any data, you must have previously set up a speed alert in the alerts menu. To view just speeding incidents, see Speeding Report.

Speeding Report

Select Device(s), start/end time and date, speed threshold (speed greater than) X mph. The speeding report will display all events where speed is greater than the threshold you specify. Report lists, device name, date/time of event, recorded mph, heading, address and location on a Google Map.

Standard Report

Select Device(s), start/end time and date. This report lists device name, date/time, mph of device, lat/long, and location - click to view address, click again to view location on map.

Start/Stop Report

Select Device(s), start/end time and date and minimum stop time in seconds, minutes, hours, based on movement or ignition. This report details start and end date time stopped, the duration of the stop and the location. It also show movement or time running in the case of an ignition event selection, and max mph when moving.

Polygon Zone Activity Report

Select Device(s) all or single, time zone, start/end date and time, all zones or a single zone and if set up segregation by groups. The report summary lists zones triggered, device triggering alert, and duration in zone. The details section of the report list zone, device name, serial number, time and date entered zone, time date exited zone, and the duration in each zone.

Dynamic Check box - when checked will report dynamically on changes that have occurred to the zone, location, etc. during the time period specified.

Trips Detail Report

Select start and end date, time, with option for zone reporting and group segregation. Report summary shows device, date, driving time off location, time stopped off location, time on location and total time. Details show device, state, start time, end time, duration, max mph, miles traveled and location address as well as map view.

PTO Summary Report

Select Device(s), start and end date/time. List a summary of PTO activations.

If you have any questions regarding reports, we are here to assist, if you need help, please e-mail: