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Set a Speed Alert:

1. Select Speed from the type drop down box.

2. Name The Speed Alert.

3. Select A Single Device or All Devices.

4. If you would like the alert to apply to a specific group, select the group here.

5. Add A Recipient, click add recipient button, select recipient from list. If no recipient, you can add one via contacts button.

6. Default time is 24/7 for alert to be active. You can specify a more specific time frame.

7. Set Speed Paramater Here. The speed you want to get notified when the device exceeds that speed.

Setting up a speed alert in the Live Trac gps tracking system is easy.

If you are looking for more specific speeding analytics, like which vehicles were speeding in relation to actual posted road speed limits, please contact us for more information.

If you if you need further assistance, please e-mail: