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The Device Data Window Is Displayed When A Vehicle On The Map Screen Is Clicked With Your Mouse.

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Figure 1: Follow Vehicle Button
Figure 2: Device Options Window
Figure 3: How To Change Device Name
Figure 4: Send Commands To Device
Figure 5: Change Vehicle Icon

Left click on your mouse reveals the DEVICE DATA Window:

Device information window.  Serial number, device name, speed, address, follow vehicle, device options

Data Displayed Includes: Serial # of Device, Device Name, Address, Speed, Heading, Lat./Long., satellite count, ignition or battery status, last moved and last updated.

The Google Street View Image will update as the vehicle moves down the street. Sometimes an area where your vehicle is in may not have street view data, and that will be displayed as such.

Figure 1: Follow Vehicle Button. Map system will optimize zoom and keep vehicle centered on map screen as it drives across the map.

Optimize and center vehicle on map screen

Figure 2: Device Options Window. This will allow you to Change Device Name, Select a different Icon, change flat and text color, and if applicable send your device commands.

Device data window options, rename device, send commands, change icon and flag color

Figure 3: Change Device Name. Select this field, type in the name you would like for your device, and press the save button.

change name of device on map screen

Figure 4: Send Command To Device. If your device is capable and wired for it, selecting from the Commands field, will allow you to send Lock Door, Unlock Door, Honk Horn, Disable Starter, Enable Starter and Start Engine signals to your device.

send command to device, unlock door, lock door, disable starter, enable starter

Figure 5: Change Icon on Map Screen. Clicking the icon will open a second window, which contains numerous icons, select the icon you wish to use, than be sure to click the save button.

change your icon on the map screen

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