Using GPS Fleet Tracking and Healthy Competition to Boost Morale

30 Oct 2017

Once you’ve made the investment in GPS fleet tracking, you’ll discover a wealth of new and exciting ways to use your new tool to grow and expand your business. One unexpected benefit comes from using your GPS system to instill a sense of healthy competition among your employees.

The benefits to your business are even bigger than you might expect — especially when you are creative in establishing the goals of each competition. It can be things like:

  • Lowest Fuel Waste
  • Fewest Safety Violations
  • Lowest Number of Idle Hours
  • Least Overtime Hours
  • Greatest Number of Miles Driven
  • Highest Number of Positive Comment Reports from Customers
  • Filling Most Job Orders

The possibilities are as endless as the benefits to your business, which include the bonuses listed below and more.

Increased Productivity

As your workers seek to accomplish the goals set forth in the competition, you’ll find that they’re more productive in the process — earning your business more money.

Higher Profit Margins

Not only will you make more money as healthy competitions occur, but your employees will develop positive habits that will last long after the contests end. These include:

  • saving your business money in wasted fuel costs.
  • unnecessary overtime wages.
  • lower idling times.
  • reduced vehicle maintenance.

That’s not even counting the higher customer satisfaction, additional referrals, and phenomenal growth your business is likely to experience as a result.

Greater Camaraderie Among Employees

While it is possible for some employees to take the competition a little too seriously, for the most part, it brings coworkers closer together to have a little healthy competition going on among them. And it’s good for business from every angle as it:

  • improves engagement.
  • increases employee loyalty.
  • creates a fun work environment.

All of which are appealing to newcomers and your more seasoned workers alike.

Keeping the Competition Real

Of course, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you want the competitions to be as simple as possible. Of secondary importance, the competition should be fun, something that is easy to determine a clear winner, one that has a specific goal (plus start and end date), and should not interfere with the actual operation of your business.

GPS fleet tracking allows you to seamlessly track many of the different contest goals mentioned above so you can even send your drivers status updates letting them know who is in the lead or how close the competition happens to be – you know, to help kick things up a notch or two when things start to really heat up!

Try it with your business and see what a difference a little healthy competition can make – and how easy it is to implement with GPS fleet tracking. Give us a call here at LiveViewGPS with any and all questions you have about GPS fleet tracking.



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