Halloween is fast approaching and it should be a night of fun and excitement for your children. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to ensure your little ones remain safe on this fright night. Below are some Halloween safety tips to ensure your kids are safe while out trick-or-treating.


Ensure your children’s costumes are flame retardant. Keep the length of their costume above their ankles to avoid tripping. Make sure any accessories they are carrying like swords or wands are flexible and soft and don’t have any sharp points. Dress your smaller kids in costumes that are flashy or colorful so that they are noticeable and you will be able to pick them out of a crowd. You can place some glow in the dark stickers or reflective tape on their treat bag or costume too.

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idling vehicle

When you stop a car and the engine continues to run, this is known as idling. Idling happens and there is no way to avoid it in cases when you’re sitting at traffic lights or stuck in traffic. However, some drivers sit at people’s houses leaving their engine running for hours while making a delivery, waiting on someone, or for some other reason. This causes air pollutants that contribute to global warming and if you are in the fleet business, wasted fuel, added expenses, and wear and tear on your company vehicles.  There are many myths of idling too that need to be debunked.

Common Myths of Idling

Warming Up Your Car

A common myth is that you have to warm your car up by idling before you can drive.  This is not true, especially in modern vehicles. Driving it is the best way to warm it up.

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Tasmanian Devil

Although secretive by natural, this doesn’t stop international researchers from placing GPS tracking technology on our world’s Tasmanian devils in the effort of mapping and tracking the creatures.

You now can view the lengthy tracks of a small number of these animals through the Save the Tasmanian Devil Program’s first animated video.

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