Tiny houses offer a great deal of appeal to audiences from all walks of life. Whether it’s a couple looking for an ideal retirement home, families looking to reduce expenses, people looking to downsize their lives, or someone simply hoping to simplify and live a life with a lower carbon footprint, tiny homes are appealing.

Unfortunately, not everyone who finds them so appealing is willing to go about getting them the right way. In fact, tiny homes are frequent targets for thieves who are interested in selling them for a quick buck or looking for a rent-free place to live as well.

Tiny houses are often on wheels. It is one of the things that is attractive about them to buyers – the fact that if you don’t like the neighborhood it is a simple matter to pack up, pick up, and go in search of new neighbors. That also means that it is a simple matter for thieves to pack up your home and abscond with it when you’re not there to protect your home. These easier it is to move, the more likely it is that there will be people interested in moving it without your permission – not to mention willing to do so.

Tools for Protecting Your Tiny Home

The key to protect your tiny home from theft lies in making it an unattractive target. The more security measures you have in place, the less thieves become interested in taking what is yours.

Install a Security Camera Surveillance System

Begin with a high-tech security system. Store it near your tiny home rather than on or in it to not only catch those who do take your home but to discover if there seem to be people casing your tiny home or the tiny homes of your neighbors. This allows you to keep an eye on your home wherever you may be – thanks to remote streaming on your smartphone or laptop.

Restrict Access to Your Property

Consider installing a locked gate that means people must have a key to or electronic code enter your property. The fewer people who have access to your property the more secure your tiny home will be. Don’t forget to consider physical barriers that will make your home difficult to move like landscaping boulders and such.

Install GPS Tracking on Your Tiny Home

GPS tracking is hugely beneficial in that it allows you to track your home if it is taken to assist in recovery efforts and – hopefully – enable the swift recovery of your tiny home before damage befalls it.

The Mobilelock doubles as a security system and GPS tracker – check it out here

Take these simple steps now to protect your tiny home from mischief, mayhem, and theft. You’ll be glad you did for the peace of mind it provides alone.

If you’re building a tiny house, be sure to implement tools to protect it, including GPS tracking. Call us at LiveViewGPS to learn about your GPS tracking for tiny homes options. 1-888-544-0494

Jaguars are threatened with declining numbers. Their survival rate in Brazil is seriously endangered. And, scientists are finding signs that there are only a small number of them left in the biome; around 300 actually. Their virtual disappearance can be happening for a number of reasons.

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As a fleet manager, to effectively manage your fleet business, it’s more than just keeping your profits high and your costs low. It’s also about keeping your workers motivated, ensuring the safety of your drivers, and providing outstanding customer service. When you know your drivers’ behaviors on the road, it helps in making informed decisions so you can be a more efficient fleet manager.

So, how can you monitor the behaviors of your fleet workers all day when they are working in the field? You can use GPS tracking. Some areas where GPS fleet tracking can be beneficial include:

  1. Maintaining your Fleet Vehicles

You no longer have to track your fleet vehicle maintenance manually. With GPS tracking devices, you can now automate the process. Just enter in your maintenance schedule and the tracking device will alert you through text message or email when your vehicles are due for maintenance.

  1. Improving Scheduling and Managing Drivers’ Workloads

Work needs to be distributed among your drivers evenly to improve fleet efficiency. If you have one driver handling more workload than other drivers, it can harm productivity and efficiency. With GPS fleet management; you can keep track of the schedules of your drivers to ensure you are not overworking one driver over the others which will ensure better customer service.

Additionally, when you optimize your fleet scheduling, you are able to serve more customers. Efficient scheduling, along with helping you do more business, provides your customers with more available time slots that they can choose that are more convenient for them.

  1. Efficient Route Planning

GPS tracking will help you to choose which routes are most effective to save you time and money. When you can effectively plan out routes, you eliminate unnecessary fuel costs and reduce unproductive work.

  1. Reducing Maintenance Costs

These days, GPS technology is equipped with more enhanced telematics like engine temperature indicators, fuel level indicators, and vehicle diagnostics. You are able to closely monitor important things like engine oil and overall vehicle health. This alone helps save money from having to bring your vehicles to a mechanic for regular inspections. Now you will be alerted when it’s time.

  1. Reducing Insurance Costs

Most insurance companies will offer you a discount for having GPS technology equipped in your fleet vehicles. There are a couple ways that GPS fleet tracking devices can help reduce the costs of your insurance. These include:

  • Asset Recovery: The likelihood of recovering stolen goods is increased with GPS tracking
  • Driver Behavior: Safer drivers means less accidents and less insurance claims

Some insurance companies will even look at the stellar driving record of your fleet drivers and offer better premiums. You can contact your insurance company to find out more on this.

Bottom line, GPS fleet tracking will help save you money, improve productivity and enhance driver safety.

Have more questions about how GPS fleet tracking can help improve your business productivity and save you money? We Can Help: Call us at 1-888-544-0494.

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