GPS fleet tracking is becoming prevalent in fleets around the world for the many benefits it offers. What you may not realize, though, is that GPS fleet tracking can be an invaluable tool in your defense when employees bring legal action against your organization. It can also be instrumental in helping you make your case when it comes to litigation against your employees as well.

These are a few ways your GPS fleet tracking system can aid in your defense or support your claims.

Track Employee Movements

GPS fleet tracking can record the movement of your vehicles at all hours of the day and night. This offers you the ability to know where your drivers are at all times – meaning you can track their hours working for you, their GPS locations, and even time they’ve deviated from the routes you’ve assigned to them so you can hold them accountable for personal business they may be taking care of on your clock.

One of the common issues raised against businesses today involves claims of workers not being compensated for the hours they work. GPS fleet tracking can verify the times your employees were on the job for you over the course of years. Helping you keep up with the paperwork and documentation necessary to defend your business when litigation occurs.

Record Employee Behavior Behind the Wheel

Sometimes, claims will be made against your company for property damage or accidents involving your business vehicles that never took place. The assumption by some unscrupulous people is that you will settle out of court rather than go to the expense of defending your business or the difficulty of proving you weren’t somewhere at a given time.

Fortunately for you, GPS doesn’t tell tall tales and you can easily prove that your fleet vehicles were not in vicinity of said incidents and accidents thanks to this useful technology in your vehicles – saving you from unwarranted legal action against your business.

Maintain Digital Records for Years

The most important benefit you have to gain from GPS tracking for fleets, when it comes to litigation, is that it allows you to keep digital records of GPS information for years. This means you don’t have to worry about losing invaluable information over the course of time that could aid in your defense from certain claims. You will have access to the resources you need to aid in your own defense – even when charges are levied years after the claimed offense occurs – a time when many organizations no longer have the records to prove their innocence.

GPS fleet tracking offers many benefits that go well beyond saving money and saving the planet for your business. You can actually consider GPS fleet tracking an investment in protecting your long-term financial interests and your good name.

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The National Weather Service worked hard to gather up data before Hurricane Irma hit landfall.

Last Wednesday morning, Hurricane Irma hit the small northern Caribbean islands hard before it hit Anguilla and St. Martin. It’s recorded to be one of the strongest storms in the Atlantic and headed towards northern Puerto Rico and parts of the British Virgin Islands on its way to Southern Florida.

The storm has winds that are 185 mph, which are way above the threshold of a Category 5 which is 157 mph winds.

In Nebraska in North Platte, in one of the country’s weather service outposts, researchers began collecting data. They utilized a weather balloon that had special instruments equipped to it that help figure out the path of Hurricane Irma.

Officials are sending up these balloons, which are equipped with GPS tracking, six times a day as Irma strengthened in the Atlantic instead of twice daily.

Meteorologists were closely monitoring wind patterns, humidity, temperature, and pressure from over a hundred thousand feet up in the atmosphere to gather up models and predictions.

Some of the smaller islands sustained major damage according to early reports. These are the tropical region parts that tourists often come to.

Barbuda which has around 1,600 people was damaged so bad by Irma that the island had no communication, said director of Antigua and Barbuda’s meteorological office, Keithley Meade. Meade said they have a bunch of trees broken down across the island.

French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said that Irma destroyed four government buildings. They were located on the French-administered portion that’s near the island St. Martin with 75,000 people. He assumes there’s damage to other buildings that are older.

Virginia Barreras informed CNN that she rode the storm out in a “sanctuary hotel” on the tiny island where locals and tourists were told to check in before it was hit by the eyewall.

Barreras said early Wednesday, that you couldn’t see anything but white with bending palm trees. As the winds blow hard, the walls shake and they could hear debris being tossed all over.

After she left the Caribbean, Irma wreaked havoc on the Florida Keys, South Florida, and made her force known throughout Florida, and other southeastern U.S. states.

Hurricane Irma was the most intense Atlantic hurricane in more than a decade and the most forceful to strike the U.S. since 2005 when Katrina hit.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey.

There are around 5.5 million people in the U.S. of all ages that are living with Alzheimer’s dementia disease, and this number is growing.

And, as you may know, dementia comes with symptoms such as confusion, mental decline, disorientation, and memory loss. Because of this, it’s too easy for patients with the disease to wander and get lost.

The “scent-preservation” technique is now helping police quickly find a woman with dementia who is missing. Florida police found the woman immediately with the assistance of a special kit they found in her home and their tracking dog.

She had been missing from her home for around a couple hours when police picked up her scent using their tracker hounds.

Without the scent kit and the bloodhound, it would have taken police a minimum of a couple hours to find the woman with dementia, but thankfully, according to Citrus County, Florida’s Deputy Justin Williams, they found her in less than 5 minutes.

The scent preservation kit is not the same as a GPS tracking for dementia device and isn’t a high-tech device itself, but rather it typically includes a jar with a label and a sterile gauze pad.

Individuals swipe their neck or armpit with the gauze and place it in the bottle which provides their own scent.

The scent stays in the jar and is very helpful for people who are at a higher risk, said Tony Turnbull who’s from the County Sheriff’s Department in Sacramento which utilizes both bloodhounds and K-9 units that scent-search.

While the search and rescue hounds are used to hunt for missing people, the K-9 units help to track the scent of fear in suspects.

Normally, police try to gather up things like pillow cases, pajama bottoms, personal items and other things people use all the time so the dogs don’t get a mixed sent when they’re tracking, Turnbull said.

And, as long as another person hasn’t handled the item and caused cross contamination, the dogs can pick the scent up easily which is the same as the kits.

More than 60 percent of individuals who have dementia or Alzheimer’s will at some point wander, according to the Sacramento Alzheimer’s Association. Presently, in California, there are 63,000 individuals who live with Alzheimer’s and nationwide – there’s 5 1/2 million.

In some cases, individuals are found rather quickly and found safe; however, sadly there are others who aren’t.

Sacramento Alzheimer’s Association’s, Michelle Johnston, says that in addition to GPS personal tracking, GPS elderly locator devices and other types of security programs, these scent-preservation kits are an additional safety measure.

The longer a person with or without dementia is missing, the likelihood there will be tragic results, says Johnston.

If you have a family member with dementia or Alzheimers and is prone to wandering, consider using this scent preservation technique and GPS tracking.

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