The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s enacted the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule in an effort to create safer roads for all, as well as to create safer work environments for trucker drivers.

How does the ELD Rule help keep the roads safer for everyone?

One of the key provisions of the rule requires all carriers to use qualifying electronic logging devices to track, manage, and share specific RODS (records of duty status) information. Here’s what you need to know about ELDs and the Electronic Logging Device Rule.

Why the ELD Rule Exists

In 2012, the U.S. Congress created a bill called MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century). One of the requirements in the bill was that the FMCSA mandate the use of Electronic Logging Devices to replace outdated and inefficient paper logbooks drivers were currently using. The electronic logging device software is both more accurate and less susceptible to tampering, loss, destruction, etc. than paper logs.

Ostensibly the rule is about keeping the roads safe, but it also serves to keep drivers safe, which in turn, makes the roads safer for all people. It does this by eliminating the potential for log tampering and for the harassment of drivers to tamper with their logs or drive beyond what is reasonable or allowed by current laws.

What Electronic Logging Devices Log

In order to be effective, ELDs must track a driver’s hours of service. The device must be “integrally synchronized” with the engine of the truck so that it complies with the requirements of the ELD Rule. This ensures that all drive segments are recorded accurately and removes any doubts or concerns related to tampering.

The ELD software solution benefits trucking businesses as well as it streamlines the data collection and recording process – offering near real time access to driving logs for all drivers so that everyone is on the same page.

Unless you qualify for one of the exceptions to the rule, you must be ELD compliant by December 18, 2017.

GPS tracking technology and ELD software can be critical for accurate ELD reporting because it offers accurate location information automatically. In fact, many companies will find that GPS tracking devices offer many benefits that go beyond what standards ELDs provide, delivering a far better investment for their businesses than simply investing in any electronic logging device for the sake of compliance.

You’re actually leaving many potential benefits on the table if you fail to consider the additional benefits an ELD software solution has to offer your business.

To learn more about our ELD software solution and how it can help you to be ELD compliant, give us a call here at LiveView GPS at  1-888-544-0494 or email us at

On one morning near the beginning of the New Year, Miller’s Custom Cabinets owner, Daniel Miller received an unwelcome call from one of his employees that his brand new fleet truck was gone.

His employee said the truck was stolen after they had stopped real quick at QuikTrip on 291 in Independence.

Miller said he called the police immediately after and then looked at his GPS tracking technology which all the fleet trucks are installed with them.

Thanks to his GPS tracker, Miller was able to give the police his truck’s location where the officers blew the tires out on I-435 with stop sticks before it came to a stop near 23rd Street in some woods.

The entire fiasco was over in mere minutes between the help of his tracking system and the Independence police. Miller stated that it only took the police around 5 minutes to track the thief and around 15 minutes from the time the thief stole the truck until they had him stopped, thanks to the GPS tracker.

His truck, however, did have some damage from the woods and trees, but he hopes to have it ready to drive again in the next 2 weeks.

How GPS Tracking Helps

These days, car thieves have ways of bypassing and disarming just about any type of car alarm device out there. The best way for you to protect and secure your car is to install a GPS tracking monitoring unit it in to help you recover it in the event it does get stolen.

Since the thief could strip your car for parts or damage it, timing is important. GPS tracking systems enable you to locate your stolen car within minutes allowing police to capture and arrest the thief and return your car to you before any damage is done.

Being able to get real-time data on the location of your vehicle with just a couple clicks of the mouse gives you a huge advantage over any car thief. If your vehicle has been stolen, GPS tracking will give you live streaming updates that will allow you to pinpoint the exact location of the thief and turn this information over to the police. This means a quicker recovery of your vehicle.

If you’re a craftsman, your tools are the bread and butter of your work. It’s likely that you’ve spent significant amounts of money on the tools in your toolkit, so you’ve always got the right equipment to hand no matter the job. Even if you’re more of a DIY hobbyist, you’d be lost without your tools when you’ve an important job to do around the home.

Tools such as Snap-on spanners, Craftsman professional tool sets, power tools, and toolboxes are expensive, and thieves know exactly what brands they’re looking for when it comes to taking what isn’t theirs.

In this article, we look at 10 tips to prevent your tools being stolen, as well as how to recover them if the worst happens.

Tool Protection

To minimize the risk of your tools being taken, there are several steps you can take, for example:

  1. Keep your tools locked away. Whenever you’re away from your gear, keep it locked in a sturdy and secure tool box. Remember that the larger and heavier the box, the less likely it is to be stolen by an opportunist.
  2. Permanently mark your equipment. It’s possible to buy stamps that permanently mark your tools with a specific word or pattern. You can also engrave your tools so if they’re taken by accident or otherwise, you can easily identify what’s yours.
  3. Paint your tools. By painting your tools an unusual or bright color, you can easily identify them if they wander off.
  4. Keep a close eye on your tools. OK, so it’s not practical to watch over your equipment 24 hours a day. However, if you’re going to lunch or are leaving your tools for some time, put them away in advance.
  5. Use a GPS tracking device. It’s likely you’ve spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your tools. If you’ve a particularly expensive tool such as a mig welder or a cordless drywall gun, fitting it with a hidden GPS tracking device ensures you can locate it in the event of a theft. It’s also a good idea to hide a GPS device within your toolbox.
  6. Fit an alarm. For bigger tools that are usually kept chained up or for tool boxes, you can add inexpensive alarm systems to further ensure their security.

Tool Recovery

If someone has taken your equipment, either on purpose or accidentally, you need to be able to identify them so you can recover them. The following steps can be a significant help under these circumstances:

  1. Purchase insurance. Particularly if your tools are valuable and manufactured by a premium brand, it’s crucial to have a robust personal property insurance policy to help you keep working if the worst happens.
  2. Keep a note of valuable data. Expensive major tools, like air tools and power tools often have a serial number printed on them. Take a note of these and keep them safe. For smaller yet important tools, consider engraving or punching identifiable information on the handles.
  3. File a police report. Always keep an inventory of your tools, so you’re aware of everything of value in your tool box. If you’re belongings are taken, make a list of everything, as well as their serial numbers. If you spot your tools for sale, you can backup your claim with the police report.
  4. Don’t keep the cycle going by buying cheap stolen tools. If you hear of someone selling expensive tools on the cheap, avoid buying them so the cycle is broken.

Decent tools require a significant outlay to purchase. Remember to keep some money aside in your budget to keep them secure.

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