Gas prices are rising again, yet again. While gas prices did drop down to $3.07 in January of this year, gas prices have begun to climb again. However, this is, unfortunately, normal. During the winter months, we travel less. But once the weather starts to warm up, we want to go outside and go on vacation.

Also, did you know that most states offer different blends of gasoline in the winter compared to the summer? Winter gas is designed to evaporate quicker, allowing cars to start up more easily in the cold. In the summer, this would mean more emissions and smog, so it’s not used. It also means cheaper winter gas and more expensive summer gas.

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Everyone’s heard of GPS, but have you heard of GLONASS and Galileo? In the world of Global
Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), all three are important. Below, we’ll go over each of these
three major GNSS.


People may often confuse GNSS with GPS. Global Positioning System (GPS), was the first type
of GNSS that was created by the United States Air Force in 1978. By April 1995, GPS included
global coverage.

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Getting into the weeds and doing landscaping is no easy job, for both employees and owners or managers. Landscapers have to put up with variable weather, often high heat and sun, and some level of manual labor.

For owners and managers, running the business can be a challenge as well. You don’t have the bandwidth to follow each team around on every job and make sure they’re working as well as if you were there with them.

Challenges abound in the landscaping industry. There’s competition from other companies, coordinating schedules with workers and customers, finding the fastest routes and schedules for your teams during the day, and keeping employee productivity and quality of the work high.

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