There are several reasons you may want to purchase and install a GPS tracking device on a vehicle, whether it is for insurance reasons, security, peace of mind, simply being able to keep track of your fleet vehicles, or even for other personal reasons.

Before purchasing a GPS tracking device, it’s worth doing some research to see which one(s) best suit your needs. Where to install a GPS tracking device on a car depends on if you’re wanting overt or covert tracking and if your GPS tracking unit is battery-powered, hardwired, or plug-and-play. Also, deciding the location of the tracker is important because if you install the device in a spot where there are obstacles or interferences that block satellite signals, the accuracy of the vehicle tracking device will be reduced.

Types of GPS Tracking Devices

Covert GPS Trackers

Covert GPS tracking devices for cars are devices that the user can place on a vehicle that allows them to monitor the location of the vehicle without the driver’s knowledge. There are countless reasons that you might want to use a covert GPS tracking device: one big reason is for surveillance by private detectives, law enforcement, or even individuals like suspicious spouses.

Another reason people may choose to use a covert GPS tracking device is for fleet tracking. By tracking vehicles in their fleet, employers can be sure whether or not their employees are using their vehicles for only business-related ventures. Covert tracking can also be used to monitor delivery times and routes for your business.

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While roadways were emptying during the pandemic, some drivers took this as an excuse to speed more than they usually would. Speeding and reckless driving have increased dramatically since the pandemic, making the roads a much more dangerous place, even if they are a little less crowded.

This crisis that has accompanied the global pandemic has resulted in an increase in speed-related car crashes and deaths. Police officers all over the country, from Maine to California, have reported a significant increase in speeding and reckless driving citations. The California Highway Patrol saw twice the number of people exceeding 100 mph on their freeways between June and January compared with pre-pandemic statistics. New York also saw an increase in speeding-related deaths compared to before the pandemic.

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You likely know of using GPS tracking devices newly-minted teen drivers,  and fleet business trucks, but they are being used in MANY more ways, including being used in tracking hunting dogs as well.

Hunters are able to easily control their dogs with GPS technology that will track their dogs’ activity, location, and other pertinent data. Aside from tracking the hunting dogs’ whereabouts, hunters also benefit from understanding different escape routes.

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