GPS Tracking for Wrecking Service Companies

31 Oct 2023

Wrecking service companies are vital when cars get totaled and need to be taken off the roadside and to a junkyard or sold for parts. Regardless of how much damage any vehicle has sustained, wrecking service companies can help transport junk vehicles.

The wrecking service industry isn’t going anywhere, but there’s always competition and high costs to deal with, both of which can drive wrecking service companies into the ground if they’re not careful.

One way wrecking service companies have been cutting costs, optimizing their businesses, and rising above the competition is by utilizing GPS tracking technology for their vehicles.

Be the First at the Scene

Being the first truck at the scene of the vehicle that needs to be towed will help you to win customers, build customer satisfaction, and bolster your reputation.

When there’s a car on the side of the road that’s been totaled and a customer needs it to be towed or junked, they’ll usually opt for the first company there. By using GPS tracking to manage and view the location of all of your wrecking service vehicles, you can easily dispatch the closest vehicle to get to the location of the vehicle and win a new customer.

Beating out the competition and responding fast will also decrease the amount of wait time for customers and boost your reputation.

Optimize Routes

As you know, getting to the location as quickly as possible is vital. One way to ensure this is by dispatching the closest vehicle in your fleet, but if they don’t have the best route that’s updated with road conditions, they may waste precious time and lose a customer.

GPS tracking will always find the fastest route to a location, taking into account traffic and road conditions to ensure that routes are updated with real-time information.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Route optimization will boost customer satisfaction and get you more customers, but it can also cut fuel costs. By finding the most efficient route and avoiding heavily trafficked areas, your fleet will reduce wasted fuel from drivers waiting in traffic and taking inefficient routes to get from point A to point B. Spread these savings across your whole fleet and multiple years, and you’re looking at serious fuel savings.

GPS tracking can also help you identify drivers who idle their vehicles and waste precious fuel.

Monitor Driving Behavior and Receive Real-Time Notifications

GPS tracking also helps you keep an eye on driver behavior and receive real-time notifications. You can see if any of your drivers have unsafe habits and get notifications of their location, speed, and any alerts if they get into an accident.

If you’re looking for a GPS tracker for your wrecking service company, look no further than LiveViewGPS, we provide high-quality GPS tracking hardware at an affordable price like our Fleet Tracker OBD.


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