10 Eco-Friendly Fleet Driving Techniques

26 Feb 2024

Companies across industries need to start reducing their environmental impact. Not only are the dangers of climate change already happening in real time, but customers and business partners are beginning to stress the importance of working with Eco-friendly companies. Vehicle fleets and transportation companies are not alone.

Furthermore, improving Eco-friendliness equates to bigger fuel savings and higher efficiency. So when you go Eco-friendly you’re increasing your appeal to customers and business partners by being more sustainable, you’re saving money, and your increasing efficiency.

Well electric semi trucks are nowhere near where they need to be, so how can vehicle fleets become more Eco-friendly? Here are 10 tips.

Improve driving behavior. Poor driving behavior not only puts your drivers at risk on the road, but it also increases fuel consumption and wear and tear. Over-acceleration and harsh braking waste fuel and wear down brakes and the engine, resulting in higher maintenance costs.

Improve maintenance. Maintenance checkups can sometimes slip through the cracks and be forgotten. When this happens it increases the likelihood of break downs and can result in higher costs for repairs. Also, poorly maintained vehicles may get worse gas mileage.

By keeping better track of maintenance schedules you can reduce breakdowns and increase vehicle fuel efficiency.

Prevent idling. A report from the Department of Energy stated that idling wastes about 6 billion gallons of fuel every year. By teaching drivers not to idle you can significantly cut down on fuel waste.

Optimize routes. Finding the most efficient way from point A to point B is no easy task, especially when road conditions and traffic are constantly influx. However, by optimizing routes you can significantly reduce fuel usage and wear and tear on vehicles, thereby making your fleet more eco-friendly.

Monitor and analyze fleet performance. Keeping track of fleet performance is a great way to see how well your fleet is meeting goals and identifying areas of improvement. So how do you do it?

Utilize fleet telematics and GPS Tracking. GPS tracking is the most effective way to make your fleet more eco-friendly. GPS tracking can help fleet managers monitor driver behavior, keep on top of maintenance schedules, prevent idling, optimize routes, and analyze fleet performance.

Offload unused vehicles. If you have too many vehicles in your fleet, you can do well by selling off any vehicles you don’t rely on for your company’s operations.

Transition to electric. If you can utilize electric vehicles in your fleet, why not take advantage? While they’re not able to completely replace your semis yet, using electric vehicles for last-mile deliveries or local drives can reduce fuel consumption significantly.

Transition to more fuel efficient models. When vehicles in the fleet begin to get too old and you have to sell or junk them, begin to bring more fuel efficient models into the fleet to reduce your company’s fossil fuel consumption.

Set sustainability goals. Set company-wide goals to cut down on fossil fuel use by reducing fuel usage and increasing efficiency.

The sooner you implement these 10 eco-friendly driving techniques you put into practice, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards. Set the wheels in motion today.

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