GPS Tracking for Pothole Repair Crews

18 Mar 2024

It’s easy to notice when you drive on a road littered with potholes. A single pothole can be jarring to drive over and can even result in damage to your vehicle and accidents on the road — making potholes both extremely bothersome and dangerous.

On the other hand, when you drive on a familiar road that’s usually covered with potholes and you notice they’ve been filled, don’t you feel some measure of gratitude? This is all thanks to pothole repair crews. Pothole repair crews are indescribable to ensuring the safety and health of our roads and sidewalks.

If you’re a manager of a pothole repair and road maintenance crew, you know that although entire municipalities depend on your services, there’s no shortage of challenges and your business could always benefit from a boost in productivity.

Below, we’ll go over how GPS tracking can benefit pothole repair crews.

Optimize Routes and Planning

If you’ve got several teams and jobs to do on any given team, how you organize and dispatch the teams can greatly affect the overall daily productivity. GPS tracking can optimize routes and planning to ensure that your vehicle fleet is driving as little as possible and that the most efficient schedule is always being executed. By reducing time spent on the road, you will simultaneously increase your team’s time actually at potholes providing road maintenance and reduce wear and tear and fuel usage on your vehicles.

Monitor Team Schedules

GPS tracking also allows managers to monitor the team’s progress in real-time throughout the day. This lets you check in on teams and see whether or not they’re on track to finish their scheduled jobs for the day. If not, you can help motivate them or plan accordingly, perhaps eliminating one job from today’s schedule, or pulling team members from another team to provide assistance.

Improve Vehicle Maintenace

Managing a fleet is difficult for a multitude of reasons, one of which is undeniably managing vehicle maintenance schedules. When you’re juggling many tasks throughout the day and trying to make your employees reach their goals, keeping track of other longer-term tasks and deadlines can easily fall by the wayside.

When this happens with vehicle maintenance, major problems can arise from small maintenance fixes and failed checkups. GPS tracking can help you monitor maintenance schedules and even alert you when vehicles hit a maintenance milestone, like an additional 10,000 miles.

The benefits of GPS tracking for pothole repair crews don’t end there. GPS tracking can also be used for equipment tracking, can help with asset and vehicle recovery, and help you monitor driver behavior, along with many other benefits. To truly understand all of the benefits GPS tracking can offer your pothole repair business, you need to take a leap of faith and implement the system into your company. Once you do, you’ll never look back.


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