Be Prepared for Increased Summer Fuel Prices with GPS Fleet Tracking

14 Apr 2024

Gas prices are rising again, yet again. While gas prices did drop down to $3.07 in January of this year, gas prices have begun to climb again. However, this is, unfortunately, normal. During the winter months, we travel less. But once the weather starts to warm up, we want to go outside and go on vacation.

Also, did you know that most states offer different blends of gasoline in the winter compared to the summer? Winter gas is designed to evaporate quicker, allowing cars to start up more easily in the cold. In the summer, this would mean more emissions and smog, so it’s not used. It also means cheaper winter gas and more expensive summer gas.

This is all to say you should be prepared for higher gas prices this summer. The best way to prepare and save money? Use GPS fleet tracking.

Factors that Increase Fuel Consumption

Gas is going to be a major cost for any fleet, no matter what you do. However, there are lots of factors that unnecessarily waste fuel consumption, some of which are hidden costs, including:

  • Excessive idling
  • Moonlighting/unauthorized vehicle use
  • Poor driving behavior
  • Fuel theft
  • Poor driving routes
  • Maintenance

Reduce Fuel Costs with GPS Tracking

By implementing GPS fleet tracking, you can save fuel by reducing wasted gasoline in all of the factors mentioned above.

  • Excessive idling: Monitor idling time with GPS tracking systems. Address this problem with any drivers who are idling for too long and make it a point to reduce idling company-wide.
  • Moonlighting/unauthorized vehicle use: See where employees go and when they go. Whether they’re taking a long break, running errands on company time, or using their vehicle after they clock out, you can monitor vehicles 24/7. Any employees who are misusing vehicles or company time can be reprimanded. Plus, once employees know they’re being tracked, they’ll be less likely to break the rules.
  • Poor driving behavior: When employees know they’re being monitored, they’re also less likely to drive erratically and speed. However, some of them may be unknowingly driving poorly. GPS tracking allows you to identify poor driving behavior and retrain employees or simply give them tips about driving in the future to reduce fuel costs and keep them safe on the road.
  • Fuel theft: Monitor fuel consumption, distance driven, and fuel levels with GPS tracking to catch any fuel thefts.
  • Poor driving routes: GPS fleet tracking makes it easy to plan the best routes and adapt routes to changing driving conditions to minimize time on the road and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Maintenance: It’s easy to lose track of maintenance schedules. Not only can unmaintained vehicles result in breakdowns and costly repairs, but poorly maintained vehicles are less fuel efficient. GPS tracking can easily keep track of maintenance schedules for you, alerting you when it’s time.

GPS fleet tracking is a great solution to high fuel costs. Contact us today at LiveViewGPS to learn more or to talk to us about the best solution for your fleet. 1-888-544-0494

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