GPS Tracking for Shipping Containers

11 Mar 2024

The shipping industry relies heavily on shipping containers, with estimates reaching 10s of millions of shipping containers being used globally. In fact, no one knows exactly how many shipping containers there are, because there are too many to count and they span the entire globe. What we do know is that we’d be lost without them.

Speaking of loss, you’d think shipping containers, given their size and high value, would be hard to lose track of, but as anyone who works with shipping containers regularly knows, the opposite is true.

GPS tracking for shipping containers is one way that shipping businesses have been able to reduce loss and increase their profit.

Here are some of the major benefits of GPS tracking for shipping containers.

Prevent Loss

Cargo loss and cargo theft are major problems in the marine industry, costing the industry about $50 billion each year. While containers are very large when they’re in big shipping yards with thousands of other containers, human error can result in misplaced containers and recovery can be difficult.

When containers are lost or stolen, they can be easily recovered with GPS tracking systems that provide the real-time location of containers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Besides making sure customers’ goods actually get to them by preventing loss, another way to increase customer satisfaction is to keep them updated with the location and estimated time of arrival of their shipment. Everybody loves to see where their shipments are, businesses especially. This gives them peace of mind and tells them when they can expect their shipment, making for a happy customer.

When you use GPS tracking technology, you can see exactly where shipments are at all times. You can use this data to keep clients updated at each stage of the shipping process and provide an estimated delivery time.

Exception Alerts

GPS tracking devices can provide you with exception alerts that notify you when the device is tampered with, the container is opened, and unplanned stops. This information is extremely useful and can help you adapt to unplanned changes while your cargo is being shipped.


A geofence is a virtual boundary that sends an alert to the user when the GPS tracking device passes through the boundary. Shipping companies can establish geofences around their shipping routes and receive alerts whenever a container deviates from the intended route.

Battery-Saving Technology

Many GPS trackers also come with battery-saving technology that allows it to sleep when the device isn’t moving, making for a longer battery life.

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