7 Ways to Secure Your Trailer from Theft

28 Dec 2022

Trailers are a great way to transport inventory from one way to another. They allow individuals and companies to easily move goods without using freighters. There is one problem with trailers, however, namely that they aren’t permanently attached to the vehicle, making them a prime target for thieves. Whether or not you or your company has been victimized by trailer theft, it’s an important thing to keep in mind whenever using a trailer.

Below, we’ll go over 7ways to secure your trailer in order to prevent trailer theft.

1) Alarms

Alarms are great at deterring thieves and notifying you when there’s a thief trying to steal your trailer. If you have an alarm installed, your car will honk if anyone tries to move or unlock your trailer. If you opt for an alarm, it’s best to look for ones with LED lights that show off your alarm and deter any attempts in the first place.

2) GPS tracking

GPS trackers are one of the most effective ways to prevent your trailer from being stolen. GPS tracking devices are affordable and easy to use. Simply install the device on your trailer and if it’s stolen you’ll have the real-time location of your trailer. You can then provide law enforcement with their location and recover your vehicle. You can learn more about GPS for vehicle recovery here.

3) Air Cuff locks or hitch locks

This method is best for smaller trailers. Get a high quality combination lock, because other types of locks can easily be picked. Simply lock the coupler and the box (if applicable), and you’re good to go!

4) Wheel choke lock

Wheel choke locks lock to your wheel and prevent anyone from driving off with your trailer. They are great for both trailers and large vehicles. While wheel choke locks are very effective at securing your trailer and preventing theft, they are usually a little more expensive and aren’t as easy to find as the other options.

5) Tongue lock

Tongue locks are best when your trailer is unhitched. Whether you’re storing it outside or preparing to move it, an unhitched trailer is a prime target. Tongue locks prevent other vehicles from attaching. Just make sure to lock the coupler as well.

6) Spare tire lock

Spare tire locks are very common. They are an effective temporary solution to keep your trailer secure.

7) Fluorescent spray paint

Fluorescent paint is a great preventative and recovery method. Thieves will be less likely to steal a trailer that is marked with fluorescent spray paint and it makes recovering the vehicle much easier as it’s marked.

For the best protection of course, implement more than one of these ways to secure your trailer from theft.

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