How GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits Heating and Cooling Companies

25 Sep 2023

If you own or manage a heating and cooling company, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs, improve service, and stay ahead of the competition. One of the most effective and simple ways heating and cooling companies are accomplishing this is by investing in GPS tracking technology.

 Decrease Unapplied Labor Expenses

One of the biggest expenses for heating and cooling companies is unapplied labor expenses. These are expenses that account for times when technicians are moving from one job to the next and not actually making your company any money.

GPS tracking can technology can decrease unapplied labor expenses in two ways. First, it can decrease the time your technicians spend in the car. By optimizing routes and better organizing schedules, technicians will spend less time driving during work hours and accruing unapplied labor expenses.

Second, while no boss wants to think that their techs are wasting time while they’re on the job, it happens. GPS tracking allows you to monitor the location of your vehicles and see when they set out for a job, when it’s finished, and where they are at any time of the day. This can help increase accountability and allow you to address any issues if you suspect a technician is using their time for anything other than work.

Decrease Fuel and Maintenance Costs

Optimizing routes decreases the time vehicles spend on the road, decreasing fuel and maintenance costs and saving your business money.

Improve Maintenance Scheduling

If your heating and cooling company has multiple vehicles, keeping track of miles driven, oil changes, and maintenance checkups can be a hassle and it’s easy to let things fall through the cracks. But with GPS tracking software, you can receive alerts when a particular vehicle is due for a checkup so you don’t have to worry about it keeping up with it yourself.

This will result in vehicles that are regularly maintained and will result in fewer breakdowns and fewer repair costs.

Increase Security

If your HVAC vehicles have your company’s brand painted on them, you might think that no one in their right mind would steal it, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The best way to protect your business from vehicle theft is by investing in GPS tracking software. This will ensure that if any of your vehicles are stolen, police can quickly track them down and return them to you.

The benefits of GPS tracking are practically endless. For example, did you know that using GPS trackers in your company’s vehicles can reduce insurance costs? To learn more, browse our LiveView GPS website and pick one of our state-of-the-art GPS trackers for your heating and cooling company.

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