Grow Your Landscaping Business This Spring with GPS Tracking

4 Apr 2024

Getting into the weeds and doing landscaping is no easy job, for both employees and owners or managers. Landscapers have to put up with variable weather, often high heat and sun, and some level of manual labor.

For owners and managers, running the business can be a challenge as well. You don’t have the bandwidth to follow each team around on every job and make sure they’re working as well as if you were there with them.

Challenges abound in the landscaping industry. There’s competition from other companies, coordinating schedules with workers and customers, finding the fastest routes and schedules for your teams during the day, and keeping employee productivity and quality of the work high.

Luckily, there’s a simple and effective fix to these problems you can implement this spring: GPS tracking. All of the challenges listed above, and more, can be addressed by outfitting your landscaping team with some quality GPS tracking devices.

Below, we’ll go over the benefits of GPS tracking for your landscaping business.

Find the Most Efficient Routes

Finding the most efficient routes to and from customer’s properties becomes complicated when you factor in all of the other customers you have in a day. While the more customers your team can get to in a day equates to more money, it also means more time on the road where you’re losing money on gas, downtime, maintenance, and possibly overtime.

By cutting down on time on the road driving to customers, you can significantly decrease costs.

GPS tracking systems for landscaping fleets can analyze possible routes and help your team find the fastest route.

 Coordinate Customer Schedules

GPS tracking can also help you keep track of customer schedules and plan the most efficient schedule for each team so to further minimize time on the road and save you more money.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Many of your customers probably appreciate knowing exactly when your teams will show up to their site. By outfitting your landscaping fleet with GPS tracking devices, you can alert clients of their status and give them a more accurate estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Prevent Theft

If your equipment is stolen or lost, recovery is a breeze with GPS tracking. Never worry about losing expensive landscaping equipment again with equipment tracking.

Monitor Employee Productivity and Behavior

Monitoring employee productivity is vital when you’re not there to see how they’re performing. Also, some of them will likely work differently when you’re not around to monitor them.

Outfitting your fleet with GPS tracking can allow you to see how long they spend on the road, if they make any stops (and if so, where), whether they obey traffic laws, when employees take breaks, and how quickly your employees drive lawnmowers and other equipment.

This allows you to monitor behavior and productivity and identify any problematic behavior. Furthermore, you can ensure that employees are being productive but also safe when driving landscaping equipment like lawnmowers.

Now is the time to get all of  your ducks in a row to grow your landscaping business. Considering adding GPS tracking for landscaping into the mix.



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