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Graduated driver licensing (GDL) laws help to save lives. But, a lot of parents aren’t ensuring their kids are following these laws. Actually, some parents even ignore the laws. One survey, through, of 1,000 parents and their teenage drivers found almost a third of the parents state they aren’t always enforcing GDL laws. When […]

Serving the laundering needs of hotels, restaurants, and event centers means it is incredibly important to make timely deliveries of linens, so each shift has its needs met. Whether you’re doing all the laundering for these facilities, such as towels, sheets, tablet cloths, napkins, and even uniforms, or you’re only handling specific items, the need […]

If your fleet brings help and supplies to communities recovering from storms like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, GPS fleet tracking technology can be extremely valuable. Monitoring recovery equipment through the use of GPS fleet tracking devices can make your recovery and relief efforts faster and more efficient. Take the latest hurricane on the East Coast […]

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We specialize in real time GPS tracking systems. GPS tracking, GPS monitoring and management for vehicles, assets, equipment, property and persons. Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related we have a cost effective GPS tracking solution for you. Locate in real-time and on demand vehicles, people and property from any web based computer. View these locations on our systems integrated maps. Our GPS devices are the real deal, they are tested and proven, they work.