GPS Tracking for Cannabis Deliveries

9 Dec 2021

The legalization and rise of the Cannabis market have made its position in our economy undeniable: it is expected to hit $24 billion in sales this year (2021). As more states legalize Cannabis, the industry grows and heads towards the legalization of Cannabis on a federal level. Cannabis companies have inevitably grown to suit the demands and needs of the multi-billion dollar industry.

With this growth, many companies have begun shipping their cannabis products and making deliveries via truck fleets. While the growth of companies’ fleets usually corresponds with the growth of their demand, a fleet of vehicles can pose a number of problems for a company, regardless of how necessary they may be.

To make sure your fleet is maximizing your revenue streams as a business owner, you want to be able to track vehicles for productivity reasons, so you know when certain products arrive at a given destination, to reduce fuel expenditures, maintenance costs, and more. Luckily, there is GPS tracking for marijuana dispensaries that can help you run your business more effectively.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Marijuana Dispensaries

 As mentioned above, there are a number of reasons to consider GPS tracking for Cannabis deliveries. Three of the most important benefits of GPS tracking for your marijuana business are:

  • Simplify and streamline delivery. First, GPS tracking can streamline and simplify cannabis delivery. Dispatchers can monitor fleet deliveries and can optimize routes to cut down on delivery time and reduce fuel costs. They can also help to track cannabis transport and deliveries, which is often required by the state where the licensed facility is located. GPS tracking can also provide you with extra security and video surveillance.
  • Provide more safety for drivers. Driver safety is an issue that is more easily monitored, and therefore addressed with GPS tracking. Addressing potential driver safety issues with GPS tracking can help you save your business from unnecessary losses.
  • Monitor miles and hours driven. GPS tracking can also help you monitor hours and miles driven by vehicles in your fleet. Using GPS tracking can help you log which vehicles are nearing the hours/miles driven where a maintenance check should be performed like changing the oil, transmission fluid, or tire pressure and they will alert you when routine maintenance is needed. This prevents damage from needed maintenance occurring on the road, making sure none of your vehicles break down, which delays vehicles from deliveries and costs you expensive repairs.

There are many other important benefits to using GPS tracking for cannabis deliveries and marijuana dispensaries, including:

  • Better customer service by providing customers with more accurate estimated times of arrival,
  • Improved driver motivation by helping them feel connected and providing them with faster and possibly safer routes,
  • A greener business model by cutting down miles on the road by finding shorter, faster routes,
  • A generally more productive business due to the increased efficiency, communication, and both customer and employee satisfaction GPS tracking provides.

Overall, businesses that started using GPS fleet tracking, saw a higher return on investment (ROI), all the while improving the experience of their drivers. That alone is reason enough to get GPS tracking for cannabis deliveries for your company fleet.

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