5 Benefits of Using GPS Tracking for Dementia Patients

31 Oct 2017

Dementia is, perhaps, one of the cruelest diseases a person can suffer from. In early stages, you never know when it is going to strike and it can leave your loved one confused and frightened in best case scenarios and dangerously at risk of injury or the elements. GPS tracking for dementia patients offers many benefits to consider in the early stages of the illness and as it progresses. These are a few worth considering.

1) Offers Peace of Mind

One of the most important benefits of GPS tracking for dementia patients is the peace of mind it provides friends, family caregivers, medical professionals, and the patient him or herself. In early stages of the illness, moments of lucidity can be long and confusion or forgetfulness can be extremely intermittent.

2) Delivers Geofencing Capabilities

Geofencing is a critical benefit for dementia patients who wander. It provides an extra pair of eyes that never sleep and are always watching. More importantly, it will notify you if your loved one exits a designated geographic area so you can take immediate action – even if you happen to be sleeping – to find them.

3) Active Tracking

With active tracking on a GPS system, you can track your loved one in real time. That means you can get real time GPS coordinates for your loved one at any time of the day or night so that if he or she wanders off, it is a simple matter to locate them from your home computer or mobile device so help can be sent.

4) Allows Greater Independence

For people who suffer from dementia, particularly in the earlier stages, the loss of independence is tough to take. GPS tracking allows your loved one to maintain a great degree of independence while maintaining some degree of peace of mind.

5) Provides Dementia Patients with Greater Confidence

During lucid moments, dementia patients understand what they are facing and what the risks may be. GPS tracking devices allow them to function with greater confidence that if they wander off or become confused, help will be able to locate them and arrive quickly.

During medical emergencies, seconds matter. GPS tracking allows concerned families the opportunity to find their loved ones faster during these harrowing times, which can be the difference between life and death in some situations. At the very least, GPS tracking for dementia patients can help to avoid injuries and other disasters that would be difficult to recover from.

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