10 Tips to Implement GPS Fleet Tracking Smoothly

19 Feb 2024

 If you’re making the decision to implement a GPS-tracking solution into your business, congratulations! You’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

While it’s a great move for any fleet, implementing GPS tracking needs to be done right to ensure you get the results your GPS system is capable of delivering.

Here are 10 tips to smoothly implement GPS fleet tracking into your fleet:

Set Clear Goals and Objectives.

 After doing some research to see some of the benefits of implementing GPS fleet tracking (route optimization, security, decreased liability, increased customer service, reduced fuel costs, increased safety, and maintenance alerts… to name a few) you’ll want to write down what benefits you hope your business operations will gain from GPS fleet tracking.

For example, do you want GPS fleet tracking to improve fleet management? If so, write it down and explain how the new system will help you reach these goals.

Choose the Right Brand and Tracking System.

 If you’re reading this on our website, you’re in good hands. You’ve chosen a trusted brand that offers a number of tracking systems.

GPS tracking isn’t a one-size-fits-all. There are different devices and systems available, each of which comes with its own set of benefits and features. Ensure that you choose the right system for your fleet operations.

Create a Plan.

 When making a big change like this, it’s always a good idea to have a plan. Your plan should first and foremost identify employees who will help with the implementation, like fleet managers and IT personnel. Secondly, it should include each employee’s roles, training protocols and resources, and specific milestones for installation.

Inform Your Team.

 Once your fleet managers and IT personnel are on board and understand their unique roles, you’ll want to inform and train the rest of the team. Drivers may not be too happy about the idea of being tracked on the road, so you’ll have to be as honest with them as possible and inform them of all the benefits GPS fleet tracking will have for the company.

Install the System.

 Next, install and configure GPS tracking devices in all vehicles. Have IT personnel double-check installation is correct in every vehicle.


 GPS fleet tracking delivers the best results when it’s integrated into the larger system.


 Customize the software to suit your fleet vehicles. This includes setting up maintenance alerts, geofences, and dashboard displays.


 Test out your new GPS system to ensure it’s working properly and can achieve the goals you expect it to.

Provide Ongoing Training.

 Ongoing training ensures that your GPS tracking systems will deliver long-term results.

Monitor GPS Tracking Use and Adapt.

 Monitor how drivers are using the new system and make changes accordingly to help your drivers adjust to the new change and deliver the best results to your company.

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