GPS Tracking for Furnace Repair Companies

5 Dec 2023

Heating and furnace repair companies generally have a number of furnace repair technicians who drive around from appointment to appointment during the day. Scheduling mistakes, late appointments, and poor time tracking can all lead to bad customer satisfaction and accountability issues for the company.

An easy way furnace repair companies are addressing some of these problems and upgrading their business is by using GPS trackers in all of their company vehicles. The results are undeniable: furnace repair companies are practically unrecognizable after switching to GPS tracking technology. So how does GPS tracking give furnace repair companies an edge over the competition?

 Faster to Appointments

GPS tracking technology finds the fastest route by evaluating all the possible routes, traffic on the road, road closures, and road conditions. As conditions on the road change, GPS trackers can reroute drivers to avoid delays, always keeping them on schedule.

 Optimize Driver Logistics

When managers and owners use GPS trackers for their furnace repair technicians, they can see a display that includes all of their drivers on the road or at their appointments. If an appointment comes up, a dispatcher can easily see which technician is closest to the new appointment and send them instead of sending someone all the way across town.


GPS trackers allow you to see the real-time location of all of your drivers and when they arrive at a site, allowing you to better gauge future appointments and make more accurate ETAs for customers.


When drivers are out on the road without GPS trackers, there’s little to no accountability or oversight. While most techs may be good workers and always do as they’re supposed to when they’re on the clock, a lack of accountability can result in time theft and other problems.

When all technicians are being monitored via GPS tracking, they’re less likely to try to take advantage of you and your company. Plus, if there are any problems with tracking hours, you can easily review their GPS log with them.

 Improve Billing

Keeping track of all the billing information can be a hassle, but it’s made that much worse when a customer doesn’t pay a bill or says that the technician was only there for 15 minutes when they were really there for an hour. Many times, it becomes a case of “he said, she said” and it’s hard to get the money you’re owed. But with GPS tracking, you can provide clear evidence of what time your technician arrived and left.

To learn more about how GPS trackers can benefit furnace repair companies and heating and HVAC companies, read our article that covers the best GPS systems for HVAC companies.

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