6 Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

18 Jun 2024

It’s natural to worry when your teen starts to drive, but it’s important not to focus too much on these things. Instead, you should put your energy into making sure your teen has enough practice in the car in all kinds of road conditions, knows all of the rules of the road, and is aware of certain safety tips.

Below we’ll go over 6 safety tips for teen drivers.

Don’t Use Alcohol or Drugs

Whether or not you think your teen is using alcohol or drugs, it’s important to stress the danger of using them while driving. If your teen has been drinking for some time, they may even think that having one or two drinks and driving is no problem but stress that there is no safe limit, and in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t matter.

Avoid Distracted Driving

Teens are undeniably glued to their phones. Make sure they understand that texting and driving, scrolling through social media, or using their phones in any capacity is dangerous. Other distractions on the road include eating and putting on makeup.

Set a good example by never distracting yourself while in the car with your kid.

Buckle Up

Using a seat belt is such an easy way to prevent serious injury or death. While teens may think it’s no big deal, make sure they always use their seat belts. Drive this point home by asking if everyone is buckled up before leaving the driveway.

Avoid Speeding and Reckless Driving

New drivers, especially teens, may find driving fun at first, and they may be tempted to speed, drag race, or pass the speed limit simply because they’re not paying attention. Set hard limits for the speed limit and consider setting up a pre-defined punishment if they’re ever caught speeding.

Avoid Drowsy Driving

Your teen probably doesn’t know how easy it is to fall asleep at the wheel if they’re tired. At first, it can be helpful to set strict curfews when they’re driving to ensure they never fall asleep. Tell them that if they ever do feel sleepy at the wheel to pull over to a safe place and get some rest before they continue.

GPS Tracking

One of the best ways to keep your teen safe and give yourself some peace of mind is to use GPS tracking for teen drivers. GPS tracking devices will allow you to monitor the real-time location of your teen’s car at all times. Plus, it’ll give you access to other data like vehicle speed. You can even set up alerts related to driving behavior like sharp acceleration or harsh braking.

GPS tracking can help you ensure your teen is driving safely when they’re not with you and allow you to know about it if they’re not.


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