Preventive Fleet Maintenance with GPS Fleet Tracking

20 May 2024

As any fleet manager knows, fleet management is a juggling act. You’ve got a million things to worry about including logistics, driver behavior, and reducing costs while optimizing productivity… all while ensuring your drivers are safe and happy.

On top of all of this is making sure your vehicles are all properly maintained and get routine maintenance on time, every time. The consequences of poorly maintained vehicles can be major.

To help out with fleet maintenance, fleet managers turn to GPS fleet tracking. It makes keeping track of maintenance easy and helps prevent wear and tear to begin with.

Why is Fleet Maintenance Important?

Fleet maintenance is a preventative measure. Long before a breakdown, issues can pop up and they’ll only get worse, resulting in dangerous and costly breakdowns later on if the problems aren’t resolved.

Regular maintenance does the following:

  • Improves fuel efficiency. poorly maintained vehicles consume more fuel, resulting in higher costs and wasted fuel.
  • Prevents costly repairs. when vehicles aren’t maintained, minor problems become serious ones. This can destroy a vehicle and result in expensive repairs rather than relatively minor ones if they’re addressed immediately.
  • Prevent breakdowns. breakdowns on the road are awful for a few reasons. First, they put your driver in a potentially dangerous situation on the road. Secondly, it’s going to cost you extra to tow and repair the vehicle. Thirdly, you’ll have late deliveries, resulting in unhappy customers.

GPS Trackers for Preventative Fleet Maintenance

Staying on top of fleet maintenance doesn’t have to be a pain. GPS tracking devices do all of the hard work for you.

They’ll keep track of miles driven and time since the last maintenance and notify you when a vehicle is due for maintenance. This will ensure you never miss maintenance again and your vehicles stay in the best shape for as long as possible.

GPS trackers can also help you keep track of fuel efficiency, which is a good signal for the state of a vehicle. If you notice a vehicle is less efficient than others in your fleet, it could be a sign that it needs a checkup. Or, it could be a sign that a driver is stealing gas or gas money or that they’re driving in such a reckless or fuel-inefficient way. In any case, you’ll be able to see there’s a problem, address it, and save money going forward.

For your asset tracking needs, visit our page on the subject here.

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