GPS Tracking for Mobile Phlebotomists

10 Jun 2024

Although the medical world relies heavily on mobile phlebotomists, they face unique challenges that other healthcare professionals in traditional settings aren’t used to. Namely, phlebotomists have to travel to a range of various locations to provide their necessary services.

Phlebotomists are required for a number of services and situations including blood donations, blood testing, emergency situations, therapeutic phlebotomy, and many others. Getting to these locations isn’t always easy and driving and planning routes can cause problems for phlebotomists, especially in emergency situations.

To combat these risks and challenges, mobile phlebotomists have begun turning to GPS tracking devices to help them manage travel routes and appointments across diverse locations, all while keeping costs down. Below, we’ll go over in detail how GPS tracking can benefit mobile phlebotomists.

Route Optimization

As a mobile phlebotomist, you may have to go to new locations often, and figuring out the best way to get there isn’t always easy. Sometimes GPS software on your phone is out of date or simply incorrect or it won’t give you real-time updates.

Liveview GPS tracking devices allow mobile phlebotomists to always find the fastest route. With real-time updates, it will help you reroute around traffic jams, and road closures, and even help you stay on top of dangerous road conditions.

Route optimization will ensure you never miss or are late to an appointment due to road conditions or traffic and spend as little time in your vehicle as possible, allowing you to schedule more appointments or get off work earlier.


Not only are GPS tracking devices affordable, but they can help you save money. By optimizing routes with GPS tracking devices, you’re reducing your time spent on the road, which means smaller fuel costs and less wear and tear on your vehicle, meaning fewer maintenance checkups.

Maintenance Monitoring

Speaking of maintenance, as a phlebotomist you always want to ensure your vehicle is in good shape so you never break down on the road on your way to an appointment. However, keeping track of your maintenance schedule can be difficult and it’s an easy thing to forget. Luckily, GPS tracking devices can keep track of mileage and maintenance schedules, even alerting you when your vehicle is due for a checkup.

Track Medical Specimens

As a phlebotomist, you may be responsible for shipping medical specimens like plasma or blood. While lost, damaged, or late packages can be a pain in any industry, it’s super important to avoid these things in the medical industry, and even more so when packages contain medical specimens.

To ensure your shipments are safe and running on time, you should use a GPS tracker  like the Live Trac PT-10. With this GPS tracker, you can monitor the location of your package at all times from your phone and computer and update the receiver on its current location to provide — an accurate ETA.

Tracking your package will also help prevent it from being lost by the courier.

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