GPS Tracking for Rental Car Companies

3 Jul 2024

Owning or managing a rental car company is a practice in trust. Every time you hand the keys over to a customer, you’re trusting they won’t abuse, steal, or crash the vehicle. While insurance can help you when things do go wrong, costs still remain high and these issues can cause serious headaches.

That’s why GPS tracking is a must-have for all rental car companies—these devices address the biggest problems facing rental car companies. Installing GPS Tracking devices can significantly lower costs at rental car companies by helping with vehicle recovery, reducing impound lot storage fees, reducing insurance costs, tracking rental car abuse, and giving you accurate reports related to the maintenance of your vehicles.

Vehicle Recovery

If a rental vehicle is stolen and there’s no GPS tracking device in the car, the case is in the police’s hands. In 2022, only 46% of locally stolen cars were ever recovered, meaning that the chances are pretty high that if your vehicles are stolen, you’ll never see them again.

With GPS tracking, vehicle recovery is made easy. When a theft occurs, turn the real-time GPS data over to the police and allow them to easily recover the vehicle for you.

Furthermore, with GPS tracking, you can know as soon as a vehicle is stolen. Monitor the real-time location of vehicles and see if they broke the contract and are making off with one of your assets.

Reduce Impound Lot Storage Fees

Impound lot storage fees can eat into profits. Use GPS trackers to monitor the location of your vehicles and notify you when they are impounded, allowing you to recover the vehicles ASAP to reduce additional fees.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Insurance is a major (but necessary) part of running a rental company. Some insurance companies may give you discounts if you outfit all of your vehicles with GPS trackers.

Track Rental Car Abuse

Without trackers in your vehicles, it can be hard to tell if someone is treating your vehicle poorly. However, GPS tracking devices can provide you with important data about vehicle speed, harsh braking, fast accelerations, and other driver behavior to alert you to any rental car abuse.

Monitor Vehicle Maintenance

GPS tracking devices are a great way to stay on top of maintenance schedules for all of your vehicles. Keep track of miles easily with GPS trackers and set up alerts to notify you when vehicles are due for maintenance.

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