GPS Tracking for Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

28 May 2024

Heavy-duty construction equipment maintenance can already be a financial burden on your construction company, add on high labor costs and equipment theft, and you’ve got serious challenges to the viability of your business.

To increase profitability and keep costs down, construction owners and managers have begun turning to GPS tracking systems for heavy-duty construction equipment. Below, we’ll go over the benefits GPS equipment tracking can provide for your construction company.

Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment Theft

All of your construction equipment and materials are assets with a pricetag and even the small things can add up to big costs. Heavy-duty construction equipment is another beast. The theft of a single piece of equipment can result in large up-front costs as you may have to replace it immediately.

So why is construction equipment a target for thieves?

  1. It’s an easy target. Some equipment has universal keys, so if you have the keys to one piece of equipment, you can operate any of them.
  2. They’re expensive and they can resell them for a lot of money.

Protecting Your Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

When construction equipment is stolen, it’s only recovered less than 25% of the time, meaning there’s a small chance you’ll ever see your equipment ever again.

The best and most cost-effective way to recover equipment after it’s stolen is to install GPS equipment tracking. GPS equipment tracking can be installed on any piece of heavy-duty construction equipment from loaders to bulldozers to trucks. Once installed, they’ll ensure you can locate the position of your stolen equipment and turn it over to the police for recovery.

Saving Money and Improving Productivity

Theft recovery isn’t the only way GPS heavy equipment tracking can benefit your business. GPS tracking can also help you…

  • Quickly locate equipment when you need it. If you have several active job sites at any given time, keeping track of what equipment is where can be a challenge. With GPS tracking, you can Have Questions? We Can Help: 1-888-544-0494easily see where all of your equipment is so you can locate it when you need it.
  • Monitor employee behavior. You’ve only got two eyes and two ears so you can’t be expected to monitor all of your employees at all times, at least not without GPS tracking. With GPS equipment tracking you can monitor the activity of your equipment and ensure that employees are staying on task throughout the day.

With GPS tracking, you can monitor engine idle time, engine hours for maintenance alerts, and better track labor hours for your timesheets.

Have questions about GPS tracking for heavy-duty construction equipment? We Can Help! Call us today at 1-888-544-0494.



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