Types of GPS Tracking Alerts

2 Jun 2024

GPS tracking devices can transform any business, plus they’re even helpful for personal use. They provide a whole host of benefits to both companies and individuals.

For companies, a few standout benefits are:

  • Route optimization
  • Fuel savings
  • Monitor employee behavior
  • Increase customer satisfaction

For people, they can be used to monitor other drivers (like teens), and reduce insurance costs.

However, one of the best advantages of GPS tracking devices comes with their ability to alert users due to a number of different conditions. They send a notification to your phone or computer so you can monitor your vehicle(s) wherever they are and know exactly what’s happening, any time of day or night.

The most common types of GPS tracking alerts include:

Ignition Alerts

Ignition alerts, also called alert on ignition events, send you a notification when any of your vehicle’s ignitions are turned on or off. You can control which alerts you receive (either, both, or none) to monitor the activity of any vehicles in your fleet or personal possession.

This can help you detect vehicle theft, but it’s also great for logging employee wages and vehicle mileage.

Panic Alerts

Panic alerts require GPS tracking devices that include a panic button on the device. When the panic button is pressed, you’ll receive an alert, signifying an emergency situation.

Panic buttons allow users to quickly and easily send out an alert whenever they’re in a dangerous, emergency situation. They are especially beneficial when emergency situations prevent users from dialing 911.

Geofence Alert

A geofence is an extremely useful feature of many GPS tracking devices. They allow you to set up a virtual boundary for each of your tracking devices. When a device passes through the boundary, you’ll receive a geofence alert.

Your fence can be used to surround a route for a deliver, to help you monitor vehicle or equipment theft, and to monitor employee behavior and know if they are going off the designated route or job site.

Similarly, route alerts can be set up by drawing a designated route, allowing you to receive a notification when someone deviates from it.

Power Alert

Power alerts tell you when a device is reaching a low battery and needs to be recharged.

Speed Alert

When you set up a speed alert, you’ll receive an alert anytime a vehicle passes through the speed threshold. Some devices allow you to receive alerts whenever a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit.

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