5 Winter Weather Industries That Can Benefit from GPS Fleet Tracking

1 Dec 2021

In many parts of the world, the winter brings with it seasonal industry to deal with ice, snowfall, and more. When most people think of winter weather industries and businesses they probably think of plowers, salters, and your local sixteen-year-old looking to make some money shoveling your driveway. However, winter weather industry is often much bigger and more complex than snow removal and can affect businesses in a variety of ways.

If your business is one that is affected by the winter weather, and you have more drivers on the road, it is time to consider investing in GPS fleet tracking. Not only will it save you in the long run by streamlining business and optimizing routes, but it will also help them stay safer on the icy winter roads. Below we will discuss 5 winter weather businesses that can benefit from GPS fleet tracking.

1)  Snow removal companies

In many places, snow removal workers are ubiquitous in the wintertime, and without them, there wouldn’t be much driving going on in the winter. Often, snow removal workers go out early in the morning or late at night to keep the roads clear for drivers, meaning that they are often out on the roads in the dark. Using a GPS fleet tracker in your snow removal company will not only make sure that your workers are plowing all the roads efficiently, but it will make sure they are doing so safely.

2) Salt supply companies

For the same reasons that snow removal companies need GPS fleet tracking, salt supply companies can greatly benefit too from GPS fleet tracking. Whether it’s drivers delivering salt from point A to point B, or workers actively salting the streets, it ensures maximum optimization and safety of drivers.

3) Food deliveries

Food deliveries tend to spike in the winter. Whether your company has just a couple of delivery workers or dozens of them, you should consider getting GPS fleet tracking. GPS fleet tracking for food delivery companies allow you to keep track of all of your delivery drivers on the road so that you can better judge long it will take them to get to their destination and back for another delivery, so you can provide your customers with a more accurate delivery time.

4) Propane Delivery Companies

 The last thing any wants is to run out of propane before or during a major weather event like a blizzard. Propane delivery drivers often have to work overtime in the winter to ensure that their customers receive their propane before, during, and after weather events. GPS fleet tracking will make sure that your drivers deliver the right propane to the right properties, and that they do so safely and effectively.

5) HVAC Companies

 The worst thing that could happen to someone during the winter could be their heating going out with no one to fix it. Luckily, HVAC companies often provide quick service during the winter. To make sure that no one is without heat for long, you want to make sure you dispatch drivers quickly to the right locations to fix the right furnace, to make that easier for you and everybody involved, you should invest in GPS fleet tracking for HVAC companies

Whether you’re a snow removal company, offer food delivery services, or anywhere in between, we have a GPS fleet tracking ro GPS fleet management solution for you.



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