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LiveViewGPS Returns to the Limousine Charter & Transport (LCT) Show

March 11-14, 2018, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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LiveViewGPS Presents GPS Trackers to Aid in Stolen Vehicle Recovery

March 2-4, 2018, at the Classic Auto Show, Los Angeles Convention Center.

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Entreprenuer Magazine, mentions LiveViewGPS

Feb 6th 2018, with 4 Ways GPS Tracking Can Improve Your Small Business's Day-to-Day Operations. Read Full Article.

LiveViewGPS to Show Case GPS Tracking Devices at 2017 SEMA Show

Oct 31 - Nov 1, 2017, in the Performance Pavillion at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Read More.

LiveViewGPS to Show Case GPS Tracking Devices at 2017 American Towman Show

May 11-12, 2017 at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read More.

LiveViewGPS to Showcase GPS Tracking Products 2016 National Safety Congress & Expo

Valencia, California. October 6, 2016- LiveViewGPS to showcase its realtime GPS tracking products at the 2016 National Safety Congress & Expo in Anaheim, California, October 17-19th 2016. Read More

LiveViewGPS Launces New 3G GPS Asset Tracker

Valencia, California. August 24, 2016- LiveViewGPS announces new cellular based GPS asset tracker. Read More

LiveViewGPS Introduces MyShield PERS to Be Prepared for Emergencies on the Go

Valencia, California. May 3, 2016- LiveViewGPS Launches MyShield PERS, a wearable personal emergency response system that allows wearers instant access to live emergency assistance. It uses the powerful combination of wireless connectivity, GPS location, and live operators on the other end. Read More

LiveViewGPS Introduces new ALL Satellite GPS Tracker

Valencia, California. March 7, 2016- LiveViewGPS, a Globalstar (NYSE MKT: GSAT) value added reseller, has added a new GPS Service to its innovative product portfolio with the Satellite Managed Asset Ready Tracker (SmartOne). Read More

LiveViewGPS To Showcase GPS Tracking Products At 2016 LCT Show LiveViewGPS

Las Vegas, Nevada. February 22, 2016- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals, is showcasing its official line of top rated gps tracking systems in Booth #408 at the International LCT Show. Read More

LiveViewGPS announces the release of it latest GPS Tracker - The Live Trac EZ

Valencia, California, June 29, 2015- LiveView GPS announced this week the launch of its latest GPS tracker - the newly updated Live Trac EZ 3G GPS Vehicle Tracker. This next generation vehicle tracker takes seconds to install and provides standard 5, or 10-second vehicle-tracking position updates. Read More

LiveViewGPS To Showcase Live GPS Tracking Technology At 2015 NAFA Institute & Expo In Orlando Florida April 15-15, 2015

Valencia, California, April 13, 2015- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business vehicle tracking is showcasing its Live Trac Platform featuring the advanced G-5, G-5 Pro, RTV5 and EZ GPS Vehicle Trackers, in Booth #632 at the National Association of Fleet Administrator (NAFA) Institute and Expo Read More

Shuttle Riders Rejoice! Airport Shuttles, University Shuttles, Corporate Campus Shuttles

Valencia, California, April 1, 2015- It’s a scenario with which many frequent air travelers are familiar: Exit the airport terminal and wait curbside for a shuttle to the rental car terminal. This year, LiveViewGPS is doing its part to ensure travelers have a little less stress while they’re waiting. Read More

LiveViewGPS To Showcase GPS Tracking Products at the 2015 International LCT Show

Las Vegas, Nevada. March 16, 2015- Once again, LiveViewGPS will be on scene at the 2015 LCT show in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada showcasing their GPS Tracking Products. Read More

LiveViewGPS Saves Companies Money By Putting The Brakes On Idling

Valencia, California, March 10, 2015- Sometimes it can seem as though the cost of fuel keeps going up, and for companies with large fleets of vehicles that can be a costly situation. That’s just one of the reasons LiveViewGPS continues to improve its GPS tracker technology, with the addition for 2015 of new idling alerts that allow companies to trim wasteful spending. Read More

LiveViewGPS Releases Updated Improved PT-10 Portable GPS Tracker

Valencia, California, February 17, 2015- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, releases updated and improved PT-10 Portable GPS Tracker Read More

LiveViewGPS Showcases GPS Vehicle Tracking Products at the 2015 California Landscaper Contractors Association

ONTARIO, California, February 3, 2015- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, is showcasing its fleet tracking systems at the 2015 CLCA show... Read More

LiveViewGPS Partners With SpeedGauge to Provide a Driver Behavior and Speed Control Solution for Fleets in North America

VALENCIA, Calif., March 20, 2014- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals today announced that it has partnered with SpeedGauge... Read More

LiveViewGPS Launches Live Trac Mobile GPS Tracking Program for iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry & Other Mobile Devices

VALENCIA, Calif., June 21, 2012— LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals, today launched its Live Trac Mobile Tracking Program... Read More

LiveViewGPS Announces Immediate Price Decrease Across Live Trac Product Line

VALENCIA, Calif., June 18, 2012— LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals, today announced an immediate, across-the-board 30%-40% price decrease on its entire line of Live Trac GPS tracker products. Read More

Daly-Swartz PR Selected to Lead National Marketing Communications Program For LiveViewGPS

Lake Forest, Calif. March 8, 2012- Moving aggressively into the expanding GPS market, Daly-Swartz Public Relations (DSPREL) today announced it has been appointed by Valencia, Calif - based LiveViewGPSD. Read More

LiveViewGPS Showcases Live Trac & VLS GPS Vehicle Tracking Platforms At International LCT Show

Las Vegas, NV., Feb 13, 2012- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, government and individuals, is showcasing its exclusive Live Trac and VLS GPS Platforms featuring the advanced G-5, EZ and VLS-300 fleet tracking devices at the International LCT Show. Read More

LiveViewGPS Publishes Updated 2012 GPS Tracking Catalog Featuring New Products, Mobile App

Valencia, Calif. Feb. 1, 2012- LiveViewGPS, the GPS tracking experts for business, consumers and government, today announced it has published its newly-updated 2012 GPS tracking product catalog. Read More

GPS Tracking Device Provides Utrafast Tracking Updates And Installation Time

Valencia, CA - January 9, 2011- LiveView GPS announced this week the launch of its new GPS tracking device - the Live Trac EZ GPS Vehicle tracker - that takes only seconds to install and provides 10-second vehicle-tracking position updates. Read More

LiveViewGPS Introduces Two New Portable GPS Tracking Devices

Valencia, CA – October 11, 2011– LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS tracker system company, has introduced two new portable GPS tracking devices ideal for covert tracking: the LiveViewGPS PT-8100N and the PT-8500 CDMA GPS Tracker. Read More

Refrigerators, Ovens, And Air Conditioner Units Top LiveViewGPS List of Most Commonly Stolen Items from Home Building Sites

Valencia, CA – August 4, 2011– LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS car tracking company, has compiled a list of the top items stolen from homes and home building sites, and it may surprise some that refrigerators, ovens, and air conditioner units top the list. Read More

Businesses Fight Rising Fuel Costs with GPS Tracking Systems from LiveViewGPS

Valencia, CA – April 14, 2011– With gas prices breaking the $4 a gallon mark in many parts of the country, most business owners are searching for ways to reduce fuel costs, and many are turning to GPS systems for assistance. Read More

LiveViewGPS Releases 2011 GPS Tracking Product Catalog

Valencia, CA – March 10, 2011– LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS car tracking company, has released their new 2011 product catalog full of all the latest and most innovative new GPS tracking products. Read More

LiveViewGPS Debuts New Live Trac Nav RTV20 GPS Tracking System

Valencia, CA – February 10, 2011– LiveViewGPS, a leading vehicle tracking company, has added the Live Trac Nav RTV20 dedicated GPS tracking system with two-way messaging capabilities to their already wide selection of GPS car tracking systems and accessories on Read More

LiveViewGPS Announces New Android Application for GPS Tracking System

Valencia, CA (Marketwire) January 26, 2011– LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS tracking company, is pleased to announce their new Android phone application, which allows LiveViewGPS users who own LiveTrac series GPS trackers to track their devices in real time from their Droid mobile phone. Read More

LiveViewGPS Announces 5 Ways GPS tracking Can Protect Your Business

Valencia, CA (Marketwire) October 26, 2010– LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS tracking company, announced today five ways GPS tracking can protect your business. From theft recovery and increased safety to lowered insurance premiums and greater productivity, LiveViewGPS provides fleet tracking systems that can protect your employees, your property, and your bottom line. Read More

LiveViewGPS Fleet Tracking Systems Save Small Business Owners Tens of Thousands of Dollars a Year

Valencia, CA (Marketwire) September 14, 2010– Keeping track of employees driving company vehicles can be an overwhelming task, but fleet tracking from LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS tracking company, offers a deep look into how employees are utilizing company assets, saving many small business owners thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs and increasing employee productivity. Read More

New Product Launch – The G-5 From LiveViewGPS

Valencia, CA (Marketwire) August 3, 2010– LiveViewGPS, a successful company that offers live and real-time GPS tracking systems, has launched its new product: the G-5 hardwired vehicle tracker. The G-5 utilizes a highly sensitive GPS receiver and provides the user with 5 or 10 second position updates. Read More

LiveViewGPS Announces new iPhone GPS Tracking Application

Valencia, CA (Marketwire) June 15, 2010– LiveViewGPS, a successful

GPS tracking company, is pleased to announce a brand new iPhone Application that will allow LiveViewGPS users who own the LiveTrac series GPS trackers the ability to track their devices in real time from any iPhone. Read More

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How the Oil and Gas Industry Benefits from GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

The oil and gas industry relies on drivers who deliver products safely and efficiently. A GPS vehicle tracking system gives managers real-time information about their drivers to... Read More

GPS Vehicle Tracking Assisting The Government

GPS vehicle tracking devices are a technological advancement that has more than simply assisted businesses and citizens in tracking their personal property. Many businesses have benefited from GPS tracking devices through more effective vehicle tracking on their company cars. Read More

How to Install a Hardwired GPS Tracker

There are two types of GPS trackers: hardwired and portable tracking devices. Portable devices are wireless and battery powered so they can easily be moved around, but hardwired vehicle tracking devices are powered by the vehicle that they are tracking, and must be wired in. Read on to learn how to install a hardwired GPS tracker. Read More

How to Use a Portable GPS Tracking Device System

GPS systems are a great tool that can be used for a wide variety of uses. You can utilize a GPS tracking device to pinpoint your exact location while you're driving, hiking, running, fishing, sailing, biking, or exploring. No matter where you are in the world, a GPS tracking system can help you find your way. Read More

How Auto Vehicle Tracking Systems Work

By this point in the 21st century, pretty much everyone knows what a GPS navigation system in your car does. But do you actually know HOW it works? Or how about all the functions GPS vehicle tracking systems offer besides showing you were the nearest Krispy Kreme is? Read on to learn how auto vehicle tracking systems work and all of their incredible capabilities. Read More

Should Parents Use GPS Tracking on their Kids?

Should parents track their kids with GPS? Some people may be shocked by the invasion of privacy that "GPS parenting" presents, but the benefits of tracking kids with GPS may just outweigh the cons. Read on to learn about GPS tracking for kids and teens. Read More

Save Money for Your Business in 2011 with GPS Fleet Tracking

It's a new year, and that means a fresh opportunity to achieve all of the goals you have set for yourself and your business. Some common resolutions many business owners make are to cut costs, pay closer attention to business expenses, and/or increase profits. Read More

How to determine if a GPS Fleet Tracking System is Right for your Business

November 9, 2010 - Every business owner is concerned with how company assets are being utilized, but effectively monitoring all of your valuable resources can be an intimidating objective. GPS fleet tracking can be very beneficial for businesses with company vehicles, and by answering the following questions you should reveal whether or not GPS fleet tracking is right for you. You will also see that this investment can add huge savings to your bottom-line. Read More

How GPS Tracking Systems Provide Peace of Mind

June 1,2010 - GPS tracking has become one of the most innovative aspects of technology in 2010. Not only are consumers relying on its assistance in finding their way around a strange city, but it also has reached such an advanced level that it can now provide peace of mind on behalf of consumers. GPS devices allow consumers to track their most precious possessions from their children to their vehicles and lap tops. Read More - Get A Handle On Your Overhead...

The NavTrac RTV-10 - Navigate, Communicate - Track Live!

LiveViewGPS Releases NavTrac

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