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It’s a new year, and that means a fresh opportunity to achieve all of the goals you have set for yourself and your business. Some common resolutions many business owners make are to cut costs, pay closer attention to business expenses, and/or increase profits. One way to do these things is with vehicle tracking and fleet tracking . Read on to learn how GPS tracking products and services work, and how they can save money for your business.

Upon first hearing the words “GPS tracking,” most people automatically think of the trackers that show you have to get to unknown destinations while driving around in your car. But GPS can do so much more! GPS vehicle tracking or fleet tracking can be used to keep track of employees that are driving company vehicles to ensure they are making the most of their time while on the clock and aren’t taking advantage of company assets.

How Does Fleet Tracking Work?

GPS technology has advanced to the point where employers can now pinpoint where their company vehicles and drivers are at any given time. This allows them to oversee when employees arrive at a jobsite or delivery location, what time employees actually start and end their driving shifts, how long they took for breaks or lunch, and how long they were stopped at any particular location. Just these features alone can help curb poor driver routing, excessive idle times, excessive breaks or lunch hours, tardiness or leaving work early, and false or exaggerated time sheets.

GPS fleet tracking also monitors the speed of a vehicle, so you can monitor if employees are speeding or driving unsafely, and you can determine if driving at more conservative speeds would save you money in gasoline costs. Many GPS systems offer instant alerts that will email or text you if any of your vehicles have exceeded a set speed or if they have entered pre-determined “off limits” areas. If a work vehicle is ever stolen, employers can view their vehicle’s exact location, speed and direction of travel to help recover their property. Some GPS systems even offer the ability to disable a vehicle’s starter, lock and unlock vehicle doors and remotely start vehicles.

Save Money Now with GPS Fleet Tracking

By implementing GPS tracking in your company’s fleet of vehicles, you have the benefit of having a virtual manager in every one of your vehicles – without the extra cost! You can effectively monitor your vehicles and drivers, lower fuel costs, and increase productivity. Fleet tracking also helps improve customer service with the capability to dispatch the closest trucks to service calls and the ability to tell customers exactly where their service technician is and provide a better estimate of when they will arrive. After hours, your virtual manager becomes a security guard that monitors your vehicles for you.

Achieve your resolution this year! Implement GPS fleet tracking in your company vehicles and start saving money, improving productivity and increasing profit now!