LiveViewGPS Introduces MyShield PERS to Be Prepared for Emergencies on the Go

Valencia, California. May 3, 2016. MyShield PERS, is a wearable personal emergency response system that allows wearers instant access to live emergency assistance. It uses the powerful combination of wireless connectivity, GPS location, and live operators on the other end.

The MyShield PERS device is small and easily portable. It can be worn via a lanyard or clipped onto clothing or uniforms so that lone employees, the elderly, and other individuals considered to be “at risk” can have instant access to help at all hours of the day or night by simply pushing the panic button on the device.

The device is rough and tumble making it suitable for use in a wide variety of situations. It is also waterproof so that it can be used indoors and out. The MyShield PERS mobile personal emergency response solution utilizes SmartCall functioning so that persistent dialing occurs until a connection is made. Calls cannot be disconnected by either the wearer or an attacker. The embedded GPS location technology means that in an emergency, locating the wearer is fast and simple.

The MyShield PERS startup kit retails for $339 and includes the MyShield PERS device, two-way communication with a live operator, a home base docking station that acts as a charger, a travel charger, and accessories. The monthly service fee of $39.95 provides 24/7/365 live monitoring and the service that allows users to locate their devices on demand, which make the PERS so effective and valuable.

LiveView GPS CEO, George Karonis, believes MyShield PERS is a game changer when it comes to workplace and personal safety, stating: “MyShield makes it easy. Whether protecting individuals from injury, preventing assaults, or helping elderly who have wandered off, the potential applications are amazing. ” The MyShield PERS device sends GPS information every two hours or when the panic button is pressed. It also offers location on demand services so that all devices can be monitored via the web and wearers can be located quickly if they fail to check in or are unable to respond.

The device measures 2.4”(H) by 1.7” (W) by 0.7”(D) and weighs only 1.9 ounces. The shell is durable, shock resistant, as well as splash and rain resistant, making it ideal for use by utility workers and others who spend a great deal of time working in the elements.

The MyShield PERS device is now available from LiveView GPS tracking website where you can purchase the device and read more about how it can benefit employees, businesses, assisted living communities, and more.