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Valencia, CA (Marketwire) September 14, 2010 – Keeping track of employees driving company vehicles can be an overwhelming task, but fleet tracking from LiveViewGPS, a leading GPS tracking company, offers a deep look into how employees are utilizing company assets, saving many small business owners thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs and increasing employee productivity.

“Inefficiencies, less than optimal operations and waste comes in many forms, and fleet tracking software can give you clear facts to use when addressing them,” said LiveViewGPS CEO George Karonis. “Our vehicle tracking systems act as a ‘virtual manager’ to help small business owners pinpoint hidden costs and employee indiscretions, save money, and improve customer service.”

Businesses owners benefit from the legal right to track any vehicle they own, and with a starting cost of just $30 per month (after the separate purchase of a GPS unit), most GPS tracker systems from LiveViewGPS quickly pay for themselves.

For example, after installing a LiveViewGPS vehicle tracking system one customer with a sidewalk washing business determined employees were starting work one to two hours later than what they are claiming; employees were returning to work early, yet claiming longer hours; and employees were not stopping at all the businesses on their route whose sidewalks they were supposed to be cleaning. After two weeks of use, this small business owner’s $400 investment paid for itself and then some in finding vehicle misuse and improving customer service.

After installing vehicle tracking software, another small business owner with four employees driving company trucks discovered employees were purchasing inventory from suppliers with the business owners account, than using the “stolen” inventory to perform work while getting paid from the employer – plus pocketing the money for the side job. He also found out employees were using vehicles on weekends and off hours, and was able to determine that employees were letting their families and friends use company gas cards.

A third small business owner with their own delivery company, installed the LiveViewGPS fleet tracking software and found that drivers were not showing up to work on time (resulting in poor customer service complaints), and more than 120 hours of overtime were fraudulently reported between three employees in one week.

With all of the tracking features available with LiveViewGPS’s web-based system (no special software is required), even when employees are using company vehicles appropriately, the records and data generated can help ensure good customer service and resolve customer disputes. Clients can generate reports that contain each vehicle’s travel history, and each address visited by a vehicle and the length of its stay. More advanced GPS tracking units allow dispatchers to send route changes and instant messages to drivers, and employers can even establish virtual fences around areas and receive text messages if a company vehicle travels into or outside certain areas.

“The return on investment for a business owner can be huge with our systems, especially when vehicles are being misused,” said Karonis. “Our fleet tracking allows to you easily take control of your fleet and its drivers, and build credibility for your small business or company.”

For additional information, visit: https://www.liveviewgps.com/ .

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LiveViewGPS, Inc. is located in Southern California and is a Location Based Service Company (LBS). They provide wireless location products and GPS car tracking services for small and large businesses, law enforcement, and family safety. Their clients include numerous Federal, State and local government agencies, Fortune 100 and 500 corporations, as well as many privately held companies throughout the United States and abroad.