Warning Inhabitants Of Planet Earth – Space Junk Alert Friday September 23, 2011

20 Sep 2011

Hold on to your hats!

On Friday September 23, 2011 – a six ton defunct satellite is expected to come crashing down to earth.  Government officials don’t know exactly where the school bus sized satellite will be falling.  However, if it does happen to land anywhere in the United States FEMA will be directly involved.  The satellite named UARS was launched in 1991 to study the ozone layer.

NASA is advising people, “If you find something you think may be a piece of UARS, do not touch it. Contact a local law enforcement official for assistance.”  NASA also claims that,  “Since the beginning of the space age, there has been no confirmed report of an injury resulting from reentering space objects.”

Interestingly enough, “A woman in Turley, Oklahoma, got a noggin-knock in January 1997 when she was struck with a lightweight fragment of charred woven material. She was not injured. The sky junk was identified as debris from a Delta 2 booster, which reentered the Earth’s atmosphere on Jan. 22, 1997. Other debris from that booster included a steel propellant tank and a titanium pressure sphere.” (from space.com)



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