Do You Know the Whereabouts of Your HVAC Fleet?

7 Oct 2022

If you manage an HVAC fleet, you’re in charge of making sure your employees are on time for appointments and working efficiently. But if you don’t know where your HVAC fleet is when the vehicles are out on the road, how can you be sure?

We all like to think that our employees have the company’s best interest in mind and use company vehicles only for their intended purposes and never go off route. But in reality, this is often not the case, even more so when employees know they aren’t being monitored.

So what’s the best way to monitor your HVAC fleet? Using GPS tracking on all of your vehicles.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Your HVAC Fleet

Increases accountability:

When employees know they are being monitored, their more likely to stick to their designated routes and make their appointments on time. The simple act of letting your employees know that all vehicles have GPS trackers will make them feel more responsible and accountable for their actions when they’re on the clock. This will reduce the time they take for lunch breaks and prevent them from going off route and running any personal errands.

Plus, it will help with clocking in and out. When employees self-record their hours, they may exaggerate them a little bit here and there. But with GPS fleet tracking, you can see exactly when employees are setting off for the day or returning.

Improved driver behavior:

Fleet drivers represent your company on the road. If they are driving aggressively and making dangerous choices on the road, this can look very poorly for your business. GPS tracking doesn’t only track the location of vehicles, but it also monitors driver behavior. This includes fast acceleration, hard braking, taking fast turns, etc. With this data, you can identify poor driving behavior and correct it.

Not only will this eliminate drivers on the road from associating your business with aggressive driving, but it will also reduce fuel consumption. Aggressive driving consumes more fuel, so by improving driver behavior, you will also lower fuel costs.

Increases safety:

No matter how careful your drivers are on the road, accidents happen. GPS trackers can alert you if any vehicles get into an accident and provide you with their exact location so you can call emergency medical assistance. Also, the GPS tracker will provide you with important data that may help you to determine the fault in the accident.

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