Work Truck Thefts Prompt Law Enforcement to Promote GPS Fleet Tracking

15 Dec 2021

If you’ve considered GPS fleet tracking before, you know that it can help your business in a variety of ways: improving route optimization, monitoring driver behavior, and protecting your driver and company from litigation. But did you know that GPS fleet tracking can help mitigate and address theft problems from work trucks?

Not only are thieves breaking into trucks to steal tools and equipment, but some thieves even break in and drive away with the truck. In cases where the equipment might be large and valuable, it may be easier for thieves to run off with the whole truck than try unloading it into a different vehicle. Sometimes, work trucks can contain tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, tools, or products, not to mention the truck itself.

Case in point: Los Angeles police have noted more and more work trucks that owners are using to store expensive tools and equipment are being stolen. In a news release published on 12/2/2021, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) encouraged the public to protect their trucks, tools and equipment with a GPS monitoring device.

The LAPD writes: “this real-time information can be essential in helping victims of automobile theft to recover their vehicles and personal property.”

Whether you’re a big company or a small business that has one or two work trucks, it’s important to protect against any amount of loss, and have a security system in place to make sure the thieves are caught and your goods returned. The best way to ensure this is by installing GPS fleet tracking.

GPS Fleet Tracking and Work Truck Thefts

 With entire trucks being stolen, it’s essential that if you can’t totally prevent thieves from driving off with them, that you have some security in place to get back the truck and apprehend the thief. The most effective tool in cases like these is GPS fleet tracking.

GPS fleet tracking provides real-time GPS so you can locate any one of the vehicles in your fleet at any time. With fleet tracking, you can make sure that if anyone steals one of your vehicles, that you can provide their location to the police so that they can be arrested and your truck with its contents returned to you.

Commercial thefts, like work truck thefts, are not uncommon, so it is important to protect your company, trucks, and their equipment the best way you can by using GPS fleet tracking. While there are many security measures you can take to lock up a truck, and the contents within the truck, thieves can often find a way around them, or workers may forget to take the proper security measures. In any case, the security itself isn’t enough, and a thief may still be able to get away with your property.

So get GPS fleet tracking for all of your work thefts, and rest assured that if the worst does happen, you’ll be able to get everything back easily thanks to the GPS.

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