Louisiana Parish Adds GPS Tracking Units to Vehicles and Big Equipment

10 Jun 2019

One Parish in Louisiana is attempting to revolutionize the way they do business by placing new tracking technologies on multiple government vehicles.

The president of St. Martin Parish, Chester Cedars,y spoke to news reporters about his new policy of equipping government vehicles with the latest GPS tracking device technology.

Cedars explains how the widespread use of these GPS trackers is a necessary step in ensuring government officials are conducting business appropriately. These measures, he argues, will only boost the ability of government officials to remain accountable, productive and efficient. Overall, this step is expected to save taxpayer’s dollars by regulating vehicle usage and ensuring money isn’t being wasted by unnecessary usage of government equipment.

Multiple government agencies within the parish have decided to utilize these new trackers in combination with revised policies for vehicle usage. Together, the technology and the policies strictly monitor who is using government vehicles, when they are being used and where they are travelling. These location trackers allow agencies to set up perimeters for their vehicles. If the units travel outside of their designated areas, then an alert can be sent to superiors who can review and investigate the incident.

It’s unclear exactly how much money will be saved by the implementation of these trackers, but President Cedars also anticipates a drastic reduction in the overall insurance costs for the parish. Cedars noted that insurance costs have already been reduced since the program began.

President Cedars views this tracking technology as an overwhelming success. He hopes to expand this program to more vehicles in the future, including government-owned excavators and bulldozers.

Other Parishes in Louisiana are looking to St. Martin to see the effects and benefits of this program, and it’s likely that other areas will begin to adopt this technology if it proves to be as successful as expected.


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