GPS Tracking for Security Companies

8 Mar 2023

GPS tracking has revolutionized the way that security companies operate and has become an essential tool for security businesses looking to increase efficiency and improve safety.

GPS tracking can significantly improve the safety and effectiveness of any security business. Without it, it can be difficult to keep track of guards and for guards to monitor one another’s location. In the case of a security or safety threat, GPS tracking allows guards and dispatch to immediately respond to the situation, resulting in a more optimized and seamless operation.

Below, we’ll go over just a few of the ways that GPS tracking can benefit security companies. Tracking remote teams:

Security companies often have teams working in remote locations, making it challenging to monitor their activity and ensure that they are working safely. With GPS tracking, managers can monitor the location of their employees in real-time, ensuring that they are following the agreed-upon routes and staying on schedule. This can help to reduce the risk of theft, accidents, and other incidents, and can also provide peace of mind to both employees and their families.

Ensuring guards stay within or out of a defined area with geo-fencing:

Geo-fencing is a feature that allows managers to set up virtual boundaries around a specific area. If a guard enters or leaves the defined area, the manager will receive an alert. This is a useful tool for security companies that are tasked with protecting sensitive areas, such as construction sites, industrial facilities, or government buildings. With geo-fencing, managers can ensure that guards are staying within the defined area and that they are not straying into restricted areas.

Monitor guards’ location while patrolling between sites:

Security companies often have guards patrolling between multiple sites, making it difficult to keep track of their locations and ensure that they are on schedule. With GPS tracking, dispatch can monitor the location of their guards in real time, ensuring that they are following their agreed-upon route and staying on schedule. This can help to improve the efficiency of their patrols and ensure that they are providing adequate coverage to all of the sites that they are responsible for.

Increase accountability, safety, and successful operations

GPS tracking is a simple and effective way to improve the accountability and safety of employees while ensuring successful operations. GPS tracking allows managers and dispatch to ensure that guards are where they’re supposed to be at all times. Also, if anything goes wrong or a guard strays from where they’re supposed to be, the manager or dispatch will know immediately and is able to respond accordingly.

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