Tractor Thieves Caught with GPS Trackers

28 Jul 2021

GPS trackers help farmers protect their expensive farming equipment and materials, including tractors and hay bales. Farm owners and those who purchase from them will be interested to know that GPS tracking technology is allowing for reduced thefts as more thieves get caught. Word gets around and the overall amount of farming thefts of tractors and additional equipment or supplies is reduced.


Tractors are some of the most expensive equipment on farms so it is no surprise the thefts have gone up. In a struggling economy, more thieves are turning to high-price equipment like tractors. On average, one tractor can go for $60,000, which is more than most vehicles. Farmers can’t afford to lose that much for stolen equipment, therefore making GPS tracking essential.

Any type of farming equipment can be equipped with a GPS tracker, including tractors. The GPS tracker can not only be tracked with an electronic device or computer, but it can also be programmed to alert the farmer once the tractor has been stolen. This allows them to contact the police and track the location of the stolen tractor on the interactive map. It will show exact coordinates of the tractor so that the farmer can recover their stolen property, and police can arrest the thieves. Since most farm thefts occur in the middle of the night, the alert feature is highly beneficial.


Farming materials, such as hay bales, are also being stolen. The theft of hay bales in particular are rising due to the rise of price. Grass hay can be up to $70 and alfalfa bays cost up to $150. This gives thieves a reason to steal the bales of hay and re-sell them for a profit. Since multiple bales of hay are stolen at a time, it could mean the loss of more than $1,000 in one night.

GPS trackers can also be placed inside these bales of hay so that farmers are alerted when one is stolen and is able to track its location. There was recently a farm in Oklahoma that did just that and not only recovered their stolen hay but was able to help police apprehend the thief. More farms throughout the country are beginning to utilize GPS technology for recovering stolen property and deterring future crimes..

 Agricultural Industry

 The agriculture industry in general benefits from GPS tracking. Farmers count on their equipment and materials to conduct business and earn a profit. When thousands of dollars are stolen in the night, the industry suffers alongside the neighborhood farms. Towns and cities throughout the United States need the farms to function normally, but thefts of materials or expensive equipment keeps that from occurring.


GPS technology offers a solution for tracking down stolen goods and arresting the criminals. This not only recovers stolen farm equipment but it deters other criminals from committing the same crime. Once thieves know GPS trackers are being used by their local farms, they aren’t going to continue attempting to steal hay bales, tractors, and other expensive farming equipment. Farm owners will be able to function normally and the agricultural industry will remain intact.

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