GPS Tracking to Prevent Lost Drones

13 Sep 2017

Losing line of sight can result in hours spent searching for your drone along with the risk of never recovering it. This is why GPS tracking can be so important for protecting your investment in an unmanned aerial vehicle or drone and what you might want to look for when considering GPS tracking to help you keep tabs on your drones when they are out of sight due to pilot error or other unforeseen circumstances.

Geofence Capabilities

A geofence is not a physical fence, but a virtual fence defined by certain GPS coordinates. When your drone leaves the “fenced” area you can set up alerts to notify you by email or text message when you use a GPS system that has this capability. You can also use this to alert you if your drone strays from your home when you aren’t using it. Some systems allow you to designate sleep times and you will receive notifications if the drone operates during these times as well.

Live Tracking

This is, perhaps, the most critical detail you want to include in your considerations of GPS tracking for drones. The ability to live track your drone gives you the ability to not only find the location where it was the last time it connected to a signal, but to convey its location, in real time. This means that if a dog grabbed it and ran or another person absconded with your drone, you can track its location while it is on the move.

Mobile Phone Tracking

Whether through a mobile phone app or using the web on your mobile device, it is important that you are able to use your mobile phone to track your drone otherwise the technology is wasted. Mobile phone tracking is simply wise because it makes tracking your drone simpler.

Whether you’re concerned about conducting ace flyovers without losing your investment in your drone or about teenagers absconding with your costly piece of technology, the right GPS tracking system for your drone can spare you lost sleep, help you locate your lost drone quickly and efficiently, and provide you with new tools to track your grand drone adventures.



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