GPS Fleet Tracking for Accident Reduction

29 Nov 2023

No matter what company you run or manage or how many vehicles and drivers are in your fleet, accidents are to some degree, unavoidable. Totals of thousands of hours with drivers on the road over the years make it likely that at some point an accident will happen, regardless of how reliable your drivers are.

While vehicle fleets are always at risk of an accident and they can’t be stopped completely, there are some steps you can take to reduce the risk of accidents. One step you may already practice is ensuring your drivers are well-trained before they set off on their own. Another step you should take for the sake of accident reduction is investing in GPS fleet tracking.

How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Reduce Accidents?

 Avoidance of high-traffic and hazardous roads: GPS fleet tracking always finds the best and safest routes. Because road conditions can change in an instant, having a GPS tracker that can adapt is a game changer. Fleet managers can monitor the situation and identify problems in real time. Doing so will get drivers to their destination faster while avoiding high-traffic areas and roads with hazardous conditions.

  • Increases accountability: If drivers know they’re not being monitored, they’re more likely to drive how they want, rather than how you want them to. In other words, they may speed a little bit, drive more aggressively, or take harder turns, putting them at a higher risk of getting in an accident.

If your vehicle fleet is outfitted with GPS trackers, you will be able to monitor their speed, acceleration, braking, and more. This will do one of two things. First, you can confront and correct unsafe drivers to ensure they stop the behavior. Two, if drivers know they’re being monitored, they’re more likely to drive safely in the first place.

  • Utilizes geofencing: A geofence is a predetermined virtual border. When a GPS tracker passes the geofence, an alert is sent to the fleet manager, notifying them of the issue.

Geofences are frequently set up to establish boundaries that workers shouldn’t cross. This can range from unauthorized detours to unsafe routes. With geofencing, you can see whenever a driver passes through your geofence and reroute them quickly before any accident occurs.

  • Easier maintenance: Maintenance is made easy with GPS fleet trackers. Rather than having to keep track of each vehicle’s maintenance schedule, you can allow GPS trackers to keep track of that information for you, notifying you whenever a vehicle is due for an oil change or checkup.


To upgrade your vehicle fleet and reduce future accidents, browse our state-of-the-art GPS fleet trackers like the Fleet Tracker OBD.


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