GPS Tracking for Motorized Scooters

1 Sep 2021

Motorized scooters offer a variety of uses both practical and recreational. Whether you depend on your motorized scooter for mobility or you simply use a recreational or electric scooter for fun, it’s important to protect the investment you’ve made from theft and more. The good news is that there are steps you can take to help ensure that your mobility scooter, moped, or e-bike doesn’t get stolen, like those mentioned below.

Park Your Scooter Out of Sight

You know the old saying, “Out of sight; out of mind.” If people don’t know you have a motorized scooter, moped, or other type of mobility vehicle, they won’t be as tempted to take off with it. It really can be as secure as keeping your scooter parked securely out of sight so that no one knows you have one.

Make it Difficult to Take

Most crimes of this nature are crimes of convenience or impulse. The harder they have to work to get to it, the less likely it is they will take it. There are many tools you can use to secure your motorized scooter to your vehicle or other structure so that it cannot be easily taken. This includes things like steering locks, tire locks, etc.

Park in Well-Lit Areas While on the Go

If you’re on the move, make sure you park in well-lit areas. Thieves don’t typically want to shine a light on what they are doing. Make sure you keep your e-bike or scooter visible at all times and look for spots that are well-trafficked as well. Doing this in combination with using steering or tire locks will make your motorized scooter a far less attractive target for thieves.

Install GPS Tracking

No matter what kind of motorized scooter you own, using GPS tracking can mean the difference in recovering your scooter if it’s stolen by offering law enforcement the opportunity to track your scooter, via the personal portable GPS tracking device onboard your scooter so they can make a quick recovery.

Regardless of the type of motorized scooter you’ve invested in, there is a GPS asset tracking device that will work to help give you peace of mind and some degree of protection from theft. Add that with the preventative measures mentioned above and you multiply the security of your scooter. It’s a small investment to make for the added security and comfort you’ll receive knowing your investment is protected whether you are home or on the move.

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