GPS Tracking for Horse Trailers

11 Jul 2018

Horse trailers carry precious cargo. Whether you’re transporting a beloved family pet or a valuable commodity for sale, show, or racing, it’s vital that you protect your horse, your trailer, and your investment in as many ways as possible.

One way you can offer protection for your horse trailer is with GPS tracking for horse trailers. Not only can it help prevent the theft of your trailer while you’re on the road, but also protect the beautiful creatures it holds inside.

Think of all the things you store in your horse trailer, along with your horse while traveling:

  • Reins
  • Bridles
  • Saddles
  • Blankets
  • Buckets
  • Brushes
  • Bits

These items are certainly not priceless, and a good saddle will set you back a bit. These all take money to replace, should your horse trailer be stolen, and the costs can add up when you need to replace them all at once.

More importantly, the beautiful animal inside your horse trailer is simply irreplaceable.

How does GPS Tracking for Horse Trailers Help?

While GPS tracking doesn’t exactly prevent someone from absconding with your horse and trailer, the knowledge that you’re using GPS tracking may make your trailer a less attractive target to thieves of opportunity.

Additionally, GPS tracking offers the benefit of delivering live tracking, so you can follow your trailer, in real time once it’s been stolen. More importantly, law enforcement can follow your trailer to facilitate its swift recovery and, hopefully, avoid any injury to your horse.

That’s not all. Even if you’re not on the road with your horse, the trailer alone is a sizeable investment. You can set up your GPS tracking system with a GEO fence that notifies you by text message, email, or phone call when your trailer moves outside of designated geographic locations or predefined “sleep” hours.

This means you’ll discover the theft quickly, so you can deliver prompt action rather than discovering the theft several hours, or even days, after the fact.

Other Ways to Safeguard a Horse Trailer from Theft

GPS tracking for horse trailers is one tool in the arsenal available to you so you can protect your horse trailer from theft. Other things you can do to protect your investment include:

  • Invest in adequate defensive items, such as hitch locks, wheel locks, and trailer alarms.
  • Paint your trailers in bright colors and make distinctive markings on them so that they are easily recognizable as your horse trailers.
  • Buy appropriate insurance coverage. While insurance won’t replace everything you lose when someone steals your trailer, after all, some things are impossible to replace, it will help soften the financial blow.

Reduce your risks of the theft of your horse trailer and protect your investment with these steps and take your horse and trailer on the trail, on the road, and on the go with confidence.

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