Motorcycle Thefts are On The Rise Again

21 Sep 2022

Every biker loves to get out on the road in the summer and fall. If you’re like most people, you got your motorcycle to recreate and enjoy beautiful days on your bike. However, all motorcycle owners should be aware that there is a higher chance of theft.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), motorcycle thefts are on the rise for the second year in a row. According to the NICBs report, motorcycle thefts are up 26% from 2019. Last year, over 1 million vehicles were stolen in the United States and over 50,000 of those vehicles were motorcycles. That means about 1 in 20 vehicles or 5% of all vehicles stolen in the U.S. last year were motorcycles. In August alone, nearly 6,000 of the vehicles were reported stolen.

Some experts believe that the increase in vehicular theft, including motorcycles, is due to supply chain issues, the economy, and the value of vehicle parts and precious metals. Motorcycles can be resold or stripped for parts and are more rare than other vehicles, plus, they’re easier to steal and transport than a car.

How to Protect Your Motorcycle

 If you want to protect your motorcycle, there are some simple and affordable steps you can take to increase its security and reduce the likelihood of theft.

  1. Park in well-lit areas.
  2. Always lock the ignition and remove your keys from the vehicle.
  3. Don’t leave your vehicle idling even if you’ll be right back. If any thieves see a lone motorcycle idling, they are more likely to steal it.
  4. Lock your motorcycle even when its in storage.
  5. Consider investing in an alarm system.
  6. Keep your title secure and out of your motorcycle’s storage compartment.
  7. Make your motorcycle look more unique by placing markings on them and taking pictures of it in case it ever gets stolen.
  8. Install GPS tracking on your motorcycle.

GPS Tracking for your Motorcycle

Besides using common sense to lock your ignition and park in well-lit and visible spaces, the best step you can take to protecting your motorcycle is by investing in GPS tracking. GPS tracking is affordable and easy to install on any motorcycle.

GPS tracking software allows you to monitor and track your motorcycle in real-time. Therefore, if your bike does get stolen, you can immediately locate it and send the location to authorities so you can get your bike back and hopefully, the criminal will be apprehended too.


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