4 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Porch Pirates Stealing Packages

22 Dec 2021

One of the more convenient things about modern life is that we can have almost anything we need delivered right to our door. However, for those who live in public neighborhoods, anyone can walk by our front door and potentially steal a package. Especially in the holiday season, porch pirates are a rampant problem. Luckily, experts have designed ways to reduce the likelihood of porch pirates and catch them if they do run off with your package.

1)  Use delivery signatures. 

Delivery signatures are one easy way to prevent porch pirates from running off with your packages. Instead of leaving the package at the door, some deliveries require a signature from the resident. While this is a very effective way of preventing stolen packages, because porch pirates can’t steal something off your porch if there’s nothing there, it is less convenient than the traditional drop at your door. 

2) Install doorbell cameras. 

Doorbell cameras have become increasingly popular in recent years. They allow you to monitor and record whatever is happening right outside your front door. Not only is this a great tool to prevent burglars, but if anyone does run off with your package you can immediately call the police and identify them. 

3) Opt for alternative delivery locations. 

Alternate delivery locations are a very secure way to prevent theft. Best for anything valuable that you really don’t want to be stolen, alternate delivery locations allow you to pick up your package at a nearby location like a UPS store. Like delivery signatures, this pretty much guarantees your package won’t be stolen; however, it also means you don’t receive the convenience that comes with getting something shipped straight to your door.

4) Use GPS tracking.

 GPS tracking has recently become very effective at deterring and catching porch pirates. Frustrated individuals and law enforcement who have gotten their packages stolen one too many times have resorted to placing fake packages outside doors that have GPS trackers on the inside. Once the thief takes the package, they can easily track down the porch pirate and arrest them. This is a great tool for preventing package theft, and it is effective in areas where package theft is common. Plus, anyone can do it!

If you’re worried about your packages being stolen this season, or already have experienced package theft. Try one or more of these steps. If you don’t mind driving to a store to pick up your package, an alternate delivery location might be your best option. But if you don’t want to sacrifice your right to have packages delivered straight to your door, like many people, try doorbell cameras or GPS tracking, or both!


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