GPS Tracking for Electric Vehicles

29 Oct 2019

Managing an electric vehicle fleet can be a new challenge – especially for those experienced with managing traditional vehicle fleets. The needs are different. However, as more companies seek new ways to “go green” electric vehicles are a practical decision in this endeavor. Not only can they save big on fuel costs, but they can also net tax breaks for businesses that take the plunge.

Many businesses, mistakenly, believe that they no longer need GPS tracking benefits after making the switch to electric vehicles. However, nothing could be further from the truth. These are just a few great ways GPS fleet tracking can help you manage your electric vehicles more efficiently than ever.

Manage Charging Routes for Long-Distance Trips

Electric vehicles get phenomenal mileage in the city with all its stops and starts. Couple that with the fact that many cities have abundant charging stations for electric vehicles and it’s a real win for drivers. However, when fleets operate over long distances, it becomes important to manage trips according to access to charging stations along the way. GPS fleet tracking can help you identify locations for charging stations and keep a constant watch on the vehicle’s current state-of-charge while driving. This means mishaps are far less likely to occur.

Monitor Driver Behavior and Route Adherence

One of the factors in monetary losses for businesses involves the use of business vehicles and company time to take care of personal errands. Not only does this take away from time that could be spent servicing paying customers. It also results in added costs for vehicle maintenance, fuel, and labor. GPS tracking can help you identify when drivers leave their assigned routes and how much time they are spending on things unrelated to your business needs.

Additionally, GPS tracking allows you to monitor driving behaviors behind the wheel such as speeding, hard braking, and other aggressive driving actions. You can even create alerts that notify you whenever drivers engage in these types of activities so you can take corrective action. Doing this can help you save costs on insurance, manage your reputation more effectively, and take care of problem drivers that impact the good name of your business in a negative manner.

GPS tracking for electric vehicle fleets may not appear to have the same degree of importance as it does for diesel and gasoline vehicles. Just remember, appearances are deceiving. The truth is that GPS fleet tracking is about so much more than scheduling routes and getting directions. There are plenty of ways it can be beneficial to electric vehicle fleets as well.

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