GPS Tracking for Electric Vehicles

29 Jun 2022

Although there’s no doubting the benefits of owning electric vehicles or using them in your fleet: lower maintenance costs, lower fuel/charging costs, and eco-friendly, electric vehicles also have a downside. Namely, when it comes to crime like carjacking.

Electric vehicles are a higher priority target for carjackers because they have a higher reselling value and more expensive parts than traditional gas-powered vehicles. Also, some EV models appreciate, making them more sought after by thieves.

Due to the increase in EV thefts, many EV owners are looking for effective ways to protect their new asset. The best way to do this is to invest in a sophisticated GPS tracker. Not only do GPS trackers provide additional security to vehicles, but they are also extremely desirable for their route-planning capabilities and maintenance monitoring. In fact, GPS trackers have a number of practical uses for EVs.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Electric Vehicles

 Route planning

 GPS trackers help to find the fastest route. Whether you are the sole owner of an electric vehicle or a fleet manager, this will help you to cut down on driving time and save you precious battery in your vehicle. Plus, it can easily direct you to charging stations on your route.

Monitor battery

 As you make the switch to EV, you’ll have to monitor the battery so you never run out of power on the road. But, people make mistakes so it’s best to have a reminder. GPS trackers can monitor the battery levels of your vehicle and alert you at different periods of charge so you never forget to charge your vehicle before it’s too late.

Monitor maintenance needs

 One of the benefits of EVs is their low maintenance costs. Yet, they still require maintenance now and again. GPS trackers can monitor maintenance and plan regular maintenance schedules, alerting you when you need to rotate your tires, fill your tires, or get a check up.


 As we mentioned, security is a problem when it comes to EVs. The value of EVs and their parts are irresistible to thieves, making them more of a target than other gas-powered cars. This is where GPS trackers come in. If you have a GPS tracker in your vehicle, you can alert the police and give them their exact location to track the car. Then, the authorities can arrest the thief and return your vehicle to you. Justice is served!


 There are many other benefits to using a GPS tracker for your EV. Pick one up today from LiveViewGPS, and find just how many ways it will benefit you and your business and save you from any unnecessary loss.



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