Car Thefts Again on the Rise

11 May 2023

Car thefts have been on the rise again, and it’s a problem that shows no signs of slowing down.

While car thefts were down in the two years prior to the pandemic, reports are that they are up again. The NCIB say that car theft has increased drastically compared to 2021.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind this increase and how GPS trackers can help prevent car thefts and improve vehicle recovery.

What’s Causing the Rise in Car Thefts?

One factor contributing to the rise in car thefts is the increasing value of cars. As the prices of new vehicles continue to climb, older models are becoming more attractive targets for thieves. Additionally, the pandemic has led to a shortage of new cars, which has driven up the demand for used cars and made them more valuable. Criminals are taking advantage of this trend, stealing older cars and selling them for parts or exporting them to other countries.

Another factor is the rise of sophisticated car theft techniques. Thieves are using new technology to steal cars, such as using key programming devices to create duplicate keys or hacking into onboard computers to start the engine. These techniques are becoming more common and make it easier for thieves to bypass traditional anti-theft measures.

Some thieves have been reported going to car dealerships, test driving a vehicle, and finding a way to program the key fob while they’re out test driving the car.

Other thieves have discovered that certain manufacturers, like Kia for example, are much easier to break into and start. That’s because 2010 to 2021 Kia and Hyundai models lack standard equipment that prevents vehicles from being stolen called, electric mobilizers. Without this equipment, these cars are a prime target for thieves. (Kia & Hyundai offering anti-theft kits for older model vehicles now, however).

GPS Trackers for Vehicle Recovery

The best way to ensure that your vehicle will be recovered after its stolen is to use GPS trackers. GPS trackers can be installed discreetly in a vehicle and allow the owner to track the car’s location in real time. This makes it easy to locate the vehicle if it is stolen and can help law enforcement easily recover the car.

One important feature of GPS trackers is geofencing. This allows the owner to set up virtual boundaries around certain areas, such as a parking lot or a specific geographic region. If the vehicle is taken outside of these boundaries, the owner will receive an alert, making it easier to catch a thief in the act and recover the vehicle. Businesses with fleets often utilize this feature.

If you’re interested in ensuring the safety of your vehicle in an era of rising car thefts, check out our GPS trackers today.

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