How GPS Fleet Tracking Benefits the Snow Removal Industry

15 Jan 2018

The snow removal industry involves a lot of different businesses. Whether you are in the business of plowing city streets under contract, if you work with area businesses to remove snow from parking lots and sidewalks, if you work with individual homeowners to blow snow from drive and walkways, or if local housing communities hire you to handle their roads when winter weather strikes, a lot of people are counting on you to remove snow and ice, so they can drive, walk, and play safely.

These are a few ways GPS fleet tracking can benefit your snow removal industry business.

Avoid Route Redundancies

No matter how many trucks you have running routes for you, the last thing you want to do is have route redundancies that cost precious fuel and run your labor costs through the roof. No matter how carefully you calculate, human error can be a problem when planning routes by hand and trying to coordinate with multiple drivers in different parts of the county. Using GPS tracking for salt trucks eliminates the possibility of human error and route redundancies so that you have the coverage you need without having areas that get a little extra love from snow plows.

Ensures No Roads are Left Unplowed

Just as you want to make sure you avoid having two plows working the same roads, you want to make sure that you’re getting all the roads you’re supposed to cover without leaving some of them out in the cold and dark.

Prioritize Which Roads Get Plowed First

While it would be nice if all roads were equal and received equal love from snow removal trucks and plows, the truth is that some roads are more critical to local infrastructure than others. For instance, it is key to make ensure that roads leading to major hospitals and medical centers are plowed well and often when snowstorms strike. It is also critical to cover major commercial roadways that fuel the city. GPS fleet tracking allows you to prioritize which roads get plowed first in a matter of seconds, something that could take more than a few precious minutes if routing by hand.

Plan Efficient Routes

Fuel costs money – as do the men and women braving ice and snow to drive the plows. GPS tracking for snow plows allows your business to plan highly efficient routes that conserve fuel and labor while ensuring that all the required roadways are cleared in a reasonable amount of time.

GPS fleet tracking can’t solve all the problems snow removal businesses, like yours, face, but they can help you prioritize and schedule routes quickly while allowing you to maximize your fuel-efficiency to cut costs while meeting the needs of your customers. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If you own or manage a snow removal business, reach out to us here at LiveViewGPS to learn more about GPS fleet tracking for your business. 1-888-544-0494

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